Saturday, March 2, 2024

New People scanned in February 2024

 I only did a handful of scans in January, and not a single one of them was anyone I had never scanned before. February would be different. I scanned 332 cards and of them, 42 were new cards...kind of. Sometimes I will hold back a scan instead of using it as the official first scan of that person- usually for one of two reasons. #1 is if the person's name is spelled wrong or shows the wrong person. (For instance, I've had a card scanned of Klim Kostin for almost three years now but won't use it as his sample card because they spelled his name "Klostin". The other main reason I will hold off is if the card is a minor league card and I know they will be getting a top level card. For instance I won't use a college basketball card when I know the player will be getting NBA cards in a few months to a year. 

Tomas Jurco falls into the latter category. I scanned a card of him from the 2013-14 AHL set months and months ago- I posted it to the Set album in August 2020! - but I didn't use it because I knew he had made it to the NHL. I specifically remember him playing for the Golden Knights. When I realized I hadn't seen him in an NHL game in quite some time I looked him turns out his time in Vegas was his last NHL appearances and that was back in the 2020-21 season! When I did my project where I finally figured out exactly how many cards I had of each person, I discovered that was in fact his only card in my collection. So since this was the first upload I've done since I discovered that earlier in the month, I included him in this month's upload even though, like I said, the scan was actually made back in August 2020. 

Since most of January was spent working on my Excel projects, I am just now starting to scan the cards I got for Christmas, which is where most of the NBA players came from. The others will be seen in a future post, which I was going to make reference to right here but then remembered I hadn't written it yet. Oops! Most of the hockey players scanned this month came from the Topps Now set. Benoit-Olivier Groulx is the only player from the two SP Game Used boxes I bought to be a new person scanned. I actually got another card of him on Christmas but it still awaits a scan. 

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