Monday, April 1, 2024

New People scanned in March 2024

 It was a light month for scanning. I just didn't feel like doing it to be honest. I only scanned two pages, both from the brand new Indy Car card set from Parkside. Of course, since Indycar hasn't had a traditional card set since 2007, most of the people in the set are brand new to my collection. 

There were actually more, but I also have a hobby box which I pre-ordered and I would rather use a photo of the person rather than of the car so I saved them, knowing I likely have a card of the person waiting to be scanned. 

I hope I will find more motivation shortly. Ever since I got sick the most recent time, in February, I have just not felt like doing's led me to not accomplishing a whole lot, but at least I was able to meet my goal of getting at least something scanned each month, even if the grand total for the month was only 17 and a half cards. (I have to rescan the front of one because it slipped behind another card on the scan, but I haven't gotten to it yet)

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