Sunday, April 14, 2024

KFC = Kentucky Fried Cards?

 Now a couple of months ago, my brother and I drove out to KFC to get some lunch. KFC is always good, but the parking lot was packed- they are in a strip mall and it was full on a Saturday afternoon. We had to park along the outer edge, facing towards the street. On the other side of the street, my brother spotted a card shop! So of course we had to check it out. 

It's not a large shop but he has some display cases and discount boxes and of course I went for them, naturally. 

These two came out of the display case, of course I was going to go for these, right? 

Everything else came from the discount box. 

These were my first cards from 2023-24 Prizm. 

These two sets, 2022-23 Elite and 2021-22 Crown Royale, were also new.

There were a lot of the color prizm Parallels from various chrome based sets. I don't really buy them, I don't like the base cards, but I do like the parallels. He had more, I want to get back and get more but I've spent my money elsewhere so I haven't yet.

These two are clear plastic.

Musa's autograph in the discount box too, he's no longer in the league due to abusing his wife or girlfriend (I don't remember). But for a set collector who dreams of completing every set, it doesn't really matter what you think of the person.

Numbered Hall of Fame RC from a Fleer set? For $1? Yes please! 
I wasn't sure if I had this card...the Rookies were short printed in 1997-98 Ultra Series 1, and the Gold Medallions even more so. I knew I had seen the picture, and recently, but I took the chance. It turns out it was the right choice- I remembered the photo because I had the base card and scanned it last year, but I needed the Gold Medallion! 
Numbered 90s cards for a dollar? Yes! 
I don't remember the last time I added one of the lenticular cards from 1996 Fleer USA. It was in 2006 or earlier I do know for sure. I made my paper listing for this set in 2011 and I didn't add any since then. I had been out of the NBA from 2006-11, so I know it had to be before 2006...but probably longer ago than that. It may have been the 1990s. 
Rookie season Beam Team! Can't go wrong there! 
I didn't remember if I had this one either, but an insert from the first year of my favorite brand for a dollar? I'm going to take that chance. As it turns out, I needed it! 

He had a stack of these cards from Panini Instant, like 5 or 6 of them. I had to get one of course. 

Even had a couple of Panini Stickers, rare to find loose. 

Where there were no NASCAR cards in the store, there were two packs of Sport Kings- an unlicensed multi-sport set that features high quality drawings of athletes which happened to have NASCAR people on the outside of the clear pack. There were other packs too, but they didn't have people from sports I collect. I like the set and wish I had gotten them too. 

Mario and Richard were on the outsides of the clear packs. Below are the other base cards from the packs:

The Lin Dan card is my favorite non-NASCAR card, because when was the last time I got a badminton card? I don't even know. 

There is a "mini" parallel one per pack, that's really about 3/4ths the size of the base cards, not really truly mini at all, more like the size of the original Sport Kings cards from the 1930s. I was lucky enough to pull a NASCAR card which was nice. 

Overall, it was a very successful trip, and after we left the shop, we went and got the KFC, which was incredibly delicious as it always is. I actually spent more money in KFC than on the cards, too.

Even though this was back in February I have not gotten back or had KFC since then. I need to change both of those at some point....just always saving money. 


  1. You spent less on these than you did on your meal? There's a lot of nice cards here but the Penny and Pau in particular popped out at me, especially at the price you paid.

    Hope you're able to go back there soon- the card shop and KFC, lol.

    1. Yeah, but we did get 6 meals out of the KFC thanks to the microwave 😂

  2. These are some really nice looking cards!

  3. Dang! Love that toppin! The lenticular is really cool too

  4. Not the biggest KFC fan... but I do love cheap cards like that Gasol rookie for a buck. Those Sport Kings are fantastic too. I opened up a few blasters in an effort to build the set.

    1. It's not a very large set but the colation wasn't great. In my two packs I got duplicates of two cards. Hope you completed it!

  5. Cards AND chicken? Best of both worlds sir!

  6. I can't speak for the hockey or newer basketball, but the Penny's, Camby, and Pippen seem like they were all really well priced. Despite being a longtime fan and collector of his, I still have yet to manage to get a single card from that Pippen set.