Friday, April 10, 2015

I missed Throwback Thursday, so say hello to Flashback Friday!

Which is really just Throwback Thursday on a different day, hah!

I didn't get a chance to do my weekly Throwback Thursday post, because I spent all day prepping and posting my 1969-70 and 70-71 Topps NBA cards to the Database. I actually only worked on posting the 1970-71 cards yesterday, I have a lot more of them than I do 1969-70, but it also makes sense because the 1970-71 set is 175 cards while the 1969-70 set is only 99 cards. I have not been able to complete either of them, and I don't ever expect to, as some of the cards are pricey. The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Pete Maravich rookies are likely forever going to be out of my price range.

I was able to move the 1970-71 set from 30% posted to more than 75%. I forgot to look at the percentage of posting of the 1969-70 set, but I think it was around 47%. It's now over 60%.

So since I've spent the first paragraph talking about the 1969-70 and 70-71 Topps sets, I guess you can imagine what today's Throwback Thursday Flashback Friday cards will be. Yes, two today to make up for yesterday's miss.

I chose both of these cards because they are both cards that show actual jerseys- not edited, or worn backwards. As you can see on the backs of both cards, Topps didn't always have very high quality at this time period, as both show printing flaws. I have to wonder if that led to the brown cardboard style they would use beginning in 1971 through 1990 or so. (I actually prefer that to glossy white cardboard most of the time)

I keep hoping that at some point the (Houston) Rockets would do a throwback to their early days in San Diego, green and yellow are two of my favorite colors.

Stay tuned, hopefully next Thursday I will actually be on time!


  1. To be honest I was also spending most of the day trying not to throw up, not feeling so good...luckily I was successful in that goal.

  2. Always remember Artie Williams as a Celtic

    1. I've got one of them! He only had one Celtics card issued, apparently. It will probably be a Throwback Thursday card someday.