Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Force is strong with this RAOK

On Friday, just as we were literally packing the car the head to New Jersey for the NNL East I received a RAOK (or Random Act of Kindness) from Jedi Jeff of 2 x 3 Heroes that was a very pleasant surprise...because even though I knew it was coming, I had totally forgotten about it! (I have about a 1-day memory span for things I don't write down...if that long!) I looked through the cards very quickly and then headed out the door. Now that I am back home, I finally had a chance to scan the cards and post up this post.

Jeff sent me some Topps 1977 Star Wars issues, but I have not actually had a chance to cross check them...surely some upgrades in there, which I will check shortly. (For me, that means sometime in the next month or so)

First up was a big stack of the 2013 Star Wars Illustrated A New Hope set. I didn't scan them now, but I did scan the inserts. (The base cards were already posted to the Database so they went into my "scan after I finish everything else" box)
This is my favorite of the several inserts he sent.
Movie Poster Reimagined #MP-4.

This one surprised me. One of the women who played the Tonnika sisters is notorious for not allowing her face to be used in licensing. Maybe because it's a drawing? I don't know...but it surprised me.
 The package was not exclusively Star Wars...there was also some NBA and NASCAR in there too.

In fact, the NBA portion of the package included two sets missing from my collection. I've mentioned before how one of my main goals is getting at least one card from every set- and two missing sets were knocked off in this package! (See the Sets Missing from my collection page at the top of each and every post)
First out was 2012-13 Panini Contenders.
Next was 2014-15 Donruss. This was a set I really wanted but have not been able to lay my hands on. It was the first 2014-15 set to include in-game action from the 2014-15 season.
This Tayshaun Prince card was my first.

He also sent along a sampling of inserts from Donruss...
and even a serially numbered parallel! This card is actually holofoil, not that it really shows that in the scan. Even better, he also sent the base copy of the same card!
The highlight of the NASCAR cards he sent was this insert parallel from 2009 Stealth. It's a set I've done extensively but he still managed to sent me a card I needed for the retail version of the set.
He also sent me these three pocket schedules from the 2014-15 season. I had not added any of these to my collection since 1997-98, and now I've gotten 4 this season! (My brother got me a Nets one somewhere). These three are card-sized when folded and will be stored with my card collection.
But the star of the package...by far, are these 8 cards from 1978, issued in "Big G" Cereals! I had never heard of these before...did not know they existed at all! They are oversized, and printed on very flimsy card stock. I am presenting all 8 of them below, because they are just that awesome.

Yes, the card is out of focus.

I don't remember the smoke being pink...

Here's the back of one of the cards.
Nearly invulnerable? Really? They go down with one shot!

By the way, what is Crazy Cow? I'm familiar with the others, but not that one. To Wikipedia! What do you know, the article even mentions the cards and shows pictures of the box with them on it. A definite win for the Internet.

Thanks for the great package Jeff!


  1. Those cereal cards at the end had to be a mail away from many moons ago, more than likely from Frankenberry - I ate the hell out of that cereal. Maybe Quisp too. Anyway - it came in this holder and I got the complete set, plus all the cards I sent you. I don't know if they intended to send me a ton of dupes, but I have held them all these years, never wanting to throw them away. Condition is meh, but I am glad to get them to someone that never saw them before.

    1. I really appreciate it! I have chased and purchased cards in much worse condition than these, that's no problem for me. (It only bothers me when a card gets damaged due to something I did, or didn't do). I'm a Frankenberry fan myself.

  2. It was so nice of your friend to send you all those cards!