Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday #4, 1948 Bowman #22 Earl Shannon

Been busy sorting cards all day, and realized it's getting late, and I have not gotten my throwback Thursday post up, so I better throw one up quick!

This was the first 1948 Bowman card I ever got. I found it in a small shop in Highland, New York in 1998. It was the only time we ever went to that shop, it was there less than a year.

I've had these scans sitting on my hard drive waiting to be a Throwback Thursday post since March 25th, copies of my collection files. Now I can finally delete that dated folder, lol. (that's how I know how long it was!)

Earl Shannon was one of the few players who was still in the league when 1957-58 Topps came out, I also have his card from that set. It will be a Throwback Thursday card some day.

Surprisingly, when I was working on my project of hunting down at least one card from each set, 1948 Bowman was NOT the last set I needed to find- 1985-86 Star was the last one that completed the project. I am working to get that project completed again, I lost my streak of one from each set in 2004-05 when they started doing the $500 (or more) for 5 card packs. I have a page up at the very top of each post where I have a chart of which sets are missing. I took a break from the NBA from 2006-12 so it's just over 80 sets. It was over 100 at this time last year, so I am making progress...when I made the list on Excel in 2013 it was something like 126 sets missing. 


  1. Thanks guys! 1948 Bowmans are a rare treat to acquire. I know I will never complete the set (The Mikan sells for more than we paid for our Jeep!) but I treasure the ones I have.