Saturday, August 1, 2015

What a fool believes

That fool is me. I really feel pretty stupid right now.

Yesterday, I made a post celebrating the 2500th person milestone in my collection, and I promised to create a chart of all the people in my collection. I've spent all day creating that said chart - it's 8:38 in the morning but it's the end of my day- and I found that, once again, I've made a big mistake.

I actually hit the milestone back in MARCH! My count was off. Way off. Mirotic, the person I had credited as #2500, was actually #2512.

I don't know how the heck I made this mistake, as I LET THE COMPUTER DO THE MATH. Yet, I still managed to mess it up. The computer may do the math, but when you are as apparently inept as I am in entering the info, you still get mistakes.

I kind of want to just smack my head on the wall a few times now. But I don't want to dent the wall.

It also really makes me wonder about just how far off my official collection count is. I've known it's been off for some time - there are some things that I am pretty sure I didn't count and should have, some that have probably gotten counted more than once, too. Someday I will find out by doing a massive recount, but not until my entire collection is scanned- not something I predict will happen in this decade. I've been keeping the official count on paper since 1998, and I've known something was off since at least 2000. (I certainly don't rush things, do it?)

The actual Milestone Man was Bob Christian, from 1973-74 Topps. It turns out he's also a One-Hit Wonder, but I'm too frustrated right now to do the research necessary for one of those posts. Not just at myself for making yet another big error, but at my internet connection, which my computer drops at least once every 3 to 4 minutes. In the 12 minutes it's taken me to compose this short post, I've lost my connection 5 times.
You can see the chart of all 2512 people in my NBA collection at the tab conveniently labeled "People in my NBA Collection" at the top of the page.

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  1. Just how hard is your head that you would dent the wall!!!???