Saturday, September 19, 2015

Breaking down a box from Baseball Card Breakdown

I recently pulled off a big trade with Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown where I sent him a box of damaged Star Wars cards (he knew they were damaged, and some were not damaged too) and some Jimmie Johnsons, as they went to the same school. I don't have any pro athletes from my school that I know of, although Joe Panik went to the same school district, and one Olympic athlete from the last games did actually go the same school. No cards though...but I digress.

More than a week ago now I got a big box from Gavin in the mail, and I'm finally getting some of the cards scanned and posted. There are more, these are just the ones I'm choosing to show, there were well into the triple digits in cards in there.

He had it filled with good stuff, including NASCAR, NBA and non-sports...and what I needed the most, the non-sports/oddball stuff from Allen & Ginter going back several years, to 2007 to be precise.

I've said several times (although I think this is the first time on my own blog) that I have seriously considered chasing Allen & Ginter over the years. I love the inserts they do, but so far I have not been able to talk myself into spending the money on them.

He sent me more than 20 of them! (mixed between the base cards and inserts)

There are a couple of cards that I really had a hard time choosing between for which was my favorite from the box, but I think this one has to be it.

2011 Allen & Ginter Floating Fortresses #FF14. I love old ships, and I love cards. A card of an old ship? Perfect!

Another one in contention is this Bonus Shots parallel from 2012-13 Prestige. This is an important set to me- it's the second one I got into in my NBA renaissance in 2012-13 when I started collecting full-time again. I'm not close to completing it thanks to the short printed rookies but this is my first parallel. They were hobby only and I only broke retail so I had no chance to get any of them. He sent me a lot of cards from this set- all but this one and one rookie are from various insert sets- and that makes me very happy as it moves some of the insert sets into the range where I'm actually thinking I might complete them. I almost never complete any insert sets so that is somewhat of a big deal. This set is also the first one I ever got a card NPN from, and also the first one I took part in a group break of. (Hit the tag of the set to see the amazing cards I got from that!)
It doesn't really show up in the scan but the column where Bonus Shots is written is gold foil.

Here are the other cards from the set he sent me...don't forget you can click on an image to see it larger.

This one was also in the running for favorite.

Do you see why? No? Look again.

It's an error! The card is #143, of Jameer Nelson, from 2009-10 Upper Deck. But the foil on the card front is for Baron Davis! Nelson has never played for the Clippers or worn #1. I LOVE error cards, and this is a good one! I don't have many from this set, and I don't have a non-error to show.

Here are a bunch of other cool cards he sent me, again, not all of them, just some of those I've scanned. You'll see some more eventually when I get to them in my Sets in my Collection as well, as most of the sets he sent me were new to my collection!
2007 Allen & Ginter #19

2008 Allen & Ginter Mini #349

2009 Allen & Ginter #15

2010 Eclipse Gallery Edition #78. Note the blue foil. I have completed the base set and I'm about 1/3 of the parallell now

2010 Topps 206 Historical Events #HE15

2012-13 Prizm #107

2012-13 Prizm #154 The Big O

2012-13 Prizm Downtown Bound #20

2012-13 Prizm Finalists #30

2012-13 Prizm MVP #5

2013 Allen & Ginter #6

2013 Allen & Ginter #33

2013 Allen & Ginter Colin Lost in Time. This is to my knowledge the only card to depict a card company employee!

2013 Bench Warmer #17. Amazingly, this is the FIRST Bench Warmer base card in my collection. I don't know how I let that happen. I have two promos from the company as well.

2014 Allen & Ginter #302. According to the Database this is a Short Print. (SP)

2010 Eclipse Cars #C4

2010 Eclipse Focus #F4. Although I opened a lot of this set (retail version) this is my first card from this insert.

2010 Press Pass Unleashed #U8. This would have been a great card had it not been censored. (OK, it's still a pretty nice card)
2015 Topps Archives Presidential Chronicles Richard Nixon. He also sent me JFK and both Bushes from this insert.

2009 Allen & Ginter #33

2010 Element #83. Element was a favorite brand of mine.

2009 Allen & Ginter #109

2009 Allen & Ginter #234

2009 Element Lab Report #LR25. This card is die cut and holofoil

2010 Element #41. They don't have the lines in real life

2010 Element #52

2011 Allen & Ginter #293

2011 Allen & Ginter Mini Uninvited Guests #UG10

2012 Goodwin Champions #23. UD's answer to Allen & Ginter. I am not sure why I like these sets so much. They are multi-sport sets, which I have never been a big fan of, and they aren't licensed at all, which I normally can't stand. But I love these sets anyway! I have quite a few 2012 cards but all three that he sent me were new.

2013 Goodwin Champions #179. I don't have as many of the 2013 set as I do 2012, but I have none of the 2014 or 2015 issues at all.

2014 Allen & Ginter #61. This guy got a card for being a beard champion. Fitting as I've had a beard since 7th grade. Didn't trim it for over a decade but I eventually got annoyed with it and now I trim it a few times a year. Guess I won't win the contest.

2014 Allen & Ginter #100

2015 Topps Heritage 1966 News Flashbacks #NF-4. I am not sure if this design was used in baseball, but this was the design used by AMT for it's model kits in 1966!

2010-11 Classics Classic Greats #28. I have very few cards from 10-11 and 11-12 so more are always welcome!

Star Wars Rebels #65. My first cards of this set came from Gavin...I have not seen any of the cartoon yet (I have not taken on any new TV shows in about a decade) but I may get it on DVD eventually. This isn't my first card from the set, but of the ones he sent it was by far my favorite. A Star Destroyer in front of a star field is always impressive.

I have no idea what set this goes to. Help!

1994-95 Flair #190

2007 Topps (Baseball) Distinguished Service #DS19

2008 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks #NF-4

2008-09 Fleer 1986-87 Rookies #86R-190

2008-09 Fleer #235

2009 Wheels Main Event Renegade Rounder #RR2. The "wanted" and Speed's name is made of ground up race used tire.

2009-10 Adrenalyn XL Special Jason Kidd

2009-10 Adrenalyn XL Special Signature Al Jefferson

2009-10 Upper Deck #244

2010 Element High Octane Vehicle #HOV4. This is a replica of the car Buddy Baker drove to over 200 miles per hour, the first time ever that was done.

2010 Topps UFC Pride & Glory #PG-7

2010 Wheels Main Event American Muscle #AM10

2010 Wheels Main Event Fight Card #FC18. This card is smaller than normal size, but larger than a tobacco card.

2010-11 Adrenalyn XL Special #S29. The scan does not do this card justice, it's rainbow foil.

2010-11 Donruss Production Line #18. Love the all-holofoil cards!

2010-11 Donruss Production Line #36. Don't see a lot of Dalembert inserts!

2011 Panini Americana Retail #66

2012 NASCAR Hall of Fame Blue #NHOF130

2012 Panini Golden Age #54

2012-13 Panini All-Panini #30. This was a 100 card insert set and you only got two per box.

2013 Panini USA Baseball Pride #1. Cool design but they should have used a flag from the left arm, it looks weird like this.

2013-14 Hoops #245. I have 283 of the 300 cards of this set...Gavin sent me three of them and one was new!

2014 Panini Golden Age #20

2014 Redline #77

2014 Topps Road to Wreslemania #56. Before the package arrived I had a grand total of 5 wrestling cards. I now have 15!

2015 Topps Baseball History #7A. This was a cool insert set where there were two versions of each number, the A version was a historical event, the B version was a baseball event from the same year.

But, I think my absolute favorite thing that he sent me....was the note, which had this sketch of a squirrel on it! 
Thanks again for a great deal Gavin, and if I get any more trade packages from other bloggers, I think I'm going to take photographs instead of worrying about getting everything scanned!

And I will leave off with one last thing...I think BenchWarmer needs a proofreader. Perhaps they don't think anybody is going to bother looking at the back of the card?

In case it's too small to read, the sentence is "She's did everyone's favorite...". Oh well. At least now Rick Fox is not the only person in my card collection I've seen naked now. (Why did I happen to channel surf RIGHT THEN!?)


  1. I rail on Prizm, but only because I rip a few baseball packs here and there. With logo'ed ballers, though, those cards look nice.

    1. Yeah, logos make everything better I wouldn't collect the Panini baseball stuff if I collected baseball because of the lack of logos.

  2. Glad you like! It seems most of the guys I trade with only collect baseball, so it was nice to majorly thin out the other stuff I had in my trade box.

    1. Yeah, I notice there are a lot of baseball only blogs. Worked out well for me! Thanks again!

  3. Great stuff! I like the Royal Wedding oddball

    1. Me too...I actually watched it when it was televised. I'm a big history nut and that's not something you see every day.

  4. Wow! What an eclectic package of cards