Friday, September 18, 2015

Sets in my Collection #6: 1922 Useful Birds of America Series 3

I'm working on a big trade post, but it'll be a day or two more before I can get everything scanned, so here is another post in my Sets in My Collection project. Been too many days since I posted one, but I've been busy with another project, which will also be the basis of a post in a few days time.

Today is another of the Useful Birds of America series, this is series 3. I have only this one card from the third set, and it's not in the greatest condition, but still good enough for me.

To learn more about the Useful Birds of America series, please click on the Useful Birds of America tag at the bottom of the post, as I've talked about them before and would basically be just copy and pasting my previous text.

You can see my card is bent, all four corners are shot, and there's some minor staining on the back. You will also see eventually that it is not the worst condition card that is the sole representation I have from a set in my collection. I'd always rather have a damaged card than no card at all.

As I've never been farther west than Indiana, I've never seen one of these birds in person.