Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sets in my Collection #5: 1912 Player Egyptian Kings, Queens and Classical Deities

The next set in my collection is from 1912, and has one of the longest names of any set, with the full name being "John Player and Sons Egyptian Kings, Queens & Classical Deities" and it dates to 1912. It is the only set I know of to ever issue cards for the rules of ancient Egypt, although they should be called Pharaohs and not kings. I'm a stickler for accuracy. As I've noted a few times, ancient history is really my favorite subject, and they are rare to see on cards. This set, which is 25 cards, is split between the Egyptians and Roman Gods and Goddesses. I acquired my only card from the set on Ebay recently.

Player, a British tobacco brand, was a long time sponsor of open wheel racing, and for many years I knew of them as a sponsor but not what they actually were. I found out only within the last year or two, and I've since gotten a couple of sets of cards they issued back in the day.

Cards are traditional tobacco card size. I would love to hunt down more of these- but at 103 years old, they just aren't found all that easily.


  1. I have my fair share of Player's cards but I don't recall coming across that set. If you're going to find a single card you can't go wrong with the goddess of love. Beautiful card.

    1. Thanks! I only have two cards from Player. My other is from 1975, so it's off in the distance in this project.