Monday, September 14, 2015

Moses Malone

Sad news yesterday as Moses Malone passed away suddenly due to a heart attack. He was only 60. It has been a horrible year for NBA players- Moses is the 15th former player who has passed away this year. Just a month ago Darryl Dawkins also had a heart attack at age 58. I can't remember if I wrote a post about him, I wanted to but I don't think I did.

Roy Marble also passed away on Friday. He had been suffering from some sort of brain ailment, I do not know if it was cancer or some other disease. His son was a rookie with the Magic last season and they talked about his father during a game I watched on League Pass during the season. They inferred he did not have long and that turned out to be true. He played two seasons in the NBA, but did not get any NBA cards. He did get a card in the CBA set but I don't have any of those.

Moses Malone is famous for several reasons- he jumped from high school to the pros, with no time in college at all- unheard of in 1974. He had an extremely long career, playing from 1974-1995. He won three NBA MVP awards. He was the last player who played in the ABA to remain active in the NBA and I believe- I didn't research it but can't think of anyone else- he was the only ABA player who remained active into the 1990s. (Edit: Caldwell Jones retired after 1989-90 so technically he also played into the 90s)

1975-76 Topps #254

1979-80 Topps #100

1992-93 Fleer #127

1996-97 Topps Stars Rookie Reprint Chrome #27
1998-99 Upper Deck Century Legends Epic Signatures #MM

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  1. That's a great Moses signature. He was a different kind of player back in his ABA games. Much too young