Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hot off the Scanner Tray Week 8

Another short week as I've mostly been working on new cards, but I did scan some non-new that I will show here.

Gold Medallion 1999-00 Ultra of Jason Kidd. I've had this card since it was new, and I just noticed that it looks like he is kicking Bobby Jackson in the face. Love the Gold Medallions from all years.

A very unique die cut from 1997 Ultra Update. This is a card I had to re-scan as my original was just too terrible to use. It's die cut in the shape of the window net, which has been mandated on all NASCAR race cars since 1970.

Working on getting my college autographs and relic scanned. I really dislike college cards but I still have almost 2000 of them, almost all of which came in the mixed boxes that I do love to purchase. I have only done boxes of two college sets, 1997 Press Pass and 2003 UD Top Prospects. This card is from 1997 Press Pass Double Threat. Yes, relic is correct- not plural. I have three college relics but only one that I have not scanned yet.
My local Target had a couple of those repacks where you are guaranteed to get a relic and some sealed packs. I got two of the 4 they had, and after I got home I wished I had gotten all of them.
The first one I opened yielded a 2010-11 Gold Standard Gold Nuggets insert. This is a set I cannot afford a box of so I was really happy to get this. It's only my second card from the set, I also have the Elton Brand base card that I got as a single. It's all gold holofoil by the way.
Working on 1996 Speedflix. I love this set. It's all lenticular, where the picture moves when you turn the card back and forth. Sometimes it didn't scan particularly well, but in hand they are awesome. I remember my mom used to bring me packs of this from the grocery store, when the grocery store actually carried cards.

Finally got enough cards to do a page of 2012-13 Totally Certified. I've been sitting on these for a while...I don't actually remember when I got them anymore, it's been a few months. Here is a blue and red parallel. See the forthcoming New Dealer post to see a base card.

I really like the parallels from this set. There are also green, gold and black parallels but I don't have any of them. They are SN to 5, 10 and 1 respectively.

Interestingly enough, while this post was in the draft stage, my brother surprised me with three packs of Journey to the Force Awakens from our local Stop & Shop- the same grocery store I referenced in regards to the Speedflix card! It is the first time they have stocked cards since roughly 1997. This was my favorite find, a cloth sticker.


  1. I didn't even know they had cloth stickers!

  2. The Gold Nuggets Chandler is pretty sweet