Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hot Off the Scanner Tray Week 6

Should have more to post this week...all the stuff is on the hard drive, and the box of Hoops is done and posted...

 Topps for a while was putting celebrities into card sets. I wasn't too happy about it at the time. It wasn't all bad though. This card is from 2005-06 Topps Total, a set that doesn't really scan well.

 The first year of Flair as the Flair Showcase brand was really interesting. Three versions with this one being the rarest. It's really sparkly in person. It was also a rookie card.
Now THAT is intensity.

I have been working a lot on checklists lately. I LOVE Checklists, I always have, and I wish they were still made. I once had a Checklist listed as my #1 most wanted card. In fact, it held that spot from 1997-2005.
This is 1997-98 Fleer #200.

My first subscriber copy of Sports Illustrated for Kids since, apparently, 1999, arrived in the mail on October 29th. I subscribed from 1996-1999 (based on the cards I have) and then I apparently didn't get another issue until earlier in 2015. In truth I didn't even know they were still being published until 2013 when I saw them listed on the Database.
One of the things I like about SI for Kids cards- actually the thing I like most- is that they give cards to sports that otherwise are ignored. Where else will you find a Usain Bolt card? (One of my favorite Olympic athletes)
Got a lot of 21 Refractors I bought on the NBA Hot Spot Facebook group. This is my favorite. I love Refractors, always have, always will.
From 2005-06 Finest, the Green Refractor is serially numbered to 89.

I really processed a lot of cards in the month of October...
1728 cards. Although it is only my third best month of 2015. It pushes me over 10,000 card scans uploaded to my website in 2015.

On October 31st, Halloween, my first subscriber copy of Sports Illustrated arrived in the mail. I started reading it earlier this year, and made the decision to subscribe.

 While I was  working on uploading all those scans to my website I decided to work on some of the NASCAR cards. Normally it isn't a lot of fun- and I'm really rather angry at NASCAR itself right now- but it went quickly and easily, so I decided to work on them. 1999 Press Pass is one of my all time favorite NASCAR sets, and I processed most of it today.
This is one of the inserts- that was a time when Press Pass was really innovative and interesting...and they recognized that NASCAR cards should show CARS. Press Pass forgot that in the years following 1999...
I just realized looking at the preview that the bottom of the card is cut off. I'll have to rescan it.

here's the back.
Of course, Jarrett would go on to win the 1999 Winston Cup Championship.

Can you believe it's November already? I can't. Coming up on 1 year since the launch of Cardboard History. (November 22nd, I looked it up - I'll probably forget when it actually gets here though!)

Yesterday, also in the mail, I got a package from reader Rob T. full of 1995-96 Metal cards. I have not had a chance to list them in my collection binder yet and I don't scan anything until it's listed, but I wanted to say thank you. That's a favorite set of mine- had Metal survived more than 5 seasons it may well have become my favorite brand of all time.

This isn't a scan, and it's not something I've done a lot of here on Cardboard History- but early yesterday we made a Target run and since it was Halloween, I broke out my Elton Brand Buffalo Braves throwback jersey, because it is black and orange. I'm not sure if the Clippers ever wore these jerseys or if it was just something made to sell jerseys- in those pre-League Pass days I only got to see my favorite player 2 or 3 times a year - and the internet coverage back then was nowhere near as good as it is today. Either way, I had to have it- it's one of three Elton jerseys I wear from time to time, although this one is the rarest for me to wear because it's the heaviest, and therefor it usually makes me too hot to wear it. Picture quality is fairly low because it was shot on my mom's cell phone, which she has had since 2005. I've had this jersey for more than 10 years- I don't remember which season it is from, but I was only getting jerseys in 2001-02 through Christmas 2003, and this is the first photo of me wearing it, ever.

By the way, 10 days since the release date, and our Target does not have  2015-16 Hoops yet. I was specifically hoping to get a blaster. Maybe next time.


  1. I like that you covered so many topics in this post.

  2. Glad you liked the Metal cards. Let me know if you want to trade some cards sometime.

    1. Any time! I've got my working tradelist (both want and have) on the right side all the time :)

  3. That's a Braves jersey I can appreciate!

    1. A comment from Night Owl! Cardboard History has officially "made it!"!

  4. Very nice shirt. I remember the Braves well.