Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hot Off the Scanner Tray Week 9

Here is the one college relic card I mentioned last week... isn't my only one. I forgot I had these two!

Although since they are totally unlicensed they are technically bootlegs rather than college cards, I count them as part of my NCAA collection- not NBA. The backgrounds are holofoil, not white, by the way.

Sometimes the yellow foil from 2000-01 Hoops Hot Prospects scans terribly, nearly brown, sometimes it scans really well and looks like it's glowing, that is the case with this one.

I had to do a page of Chrome cards and I had my only two from this set handy, so I did them. The 1993 Classic set is one of the few college sets I actually like, and I have completed. These two I got in a mixed lot sometime in the mid-1990s- I don't know when exactly but 1996 is likely, I can't remember not having them. It's even possible that I didn't get them from a mixed lot and traded for them with one of my friends from school. I simply don't remember anymore.
Figures that the college chrome card scans better than the pro one does, hah!

This was such a great 1990s insert. The scan does not capture the gold sparkles on the card.
 All those "spots" in the black field are sparkles.

Working on 1993-94 Topps. Since all the base set was posted to the Database, I pulled them out and set them aside for scanning after everything else is done (along with other sets already done on the Database). I left the Gold parallels mixed in. Since the backs were the exact same, I decided to do the fronts only of the base cards. So I don't end up scanning something already done, I decided to go in and pull the base and scan them as I do the golds.
Since the golds are all mixed in with the other cards I've scanned, I had to work off the scans that I've made. And to see them all easily, I did this...
As I found the base cards in the stack of over 350 cards, I closed each of the windows I had open, until I found them it turns out, the Lloyd Daniels base card was not in there. I'll find it someday. Luckily, I hadn't come across all that many Golds yet, and was able to fit them- barely- onto one screen.

Also, no picture with this one, but I am well prepared for future posts in my Sets in My Collection project. The last one I posted was #9, on Halloween. I decided to build up a bunch of posts in queue, and I now have post up to #34 written and ready to go. I will probably post one on Monday or Tuesday, and another later in the week. I want to do about 2 per week. I could, in theory, post one a day every day when I don't have something else to post, like the weekend HOST or whathaveyou, but I don't think I'm going to do that.

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