Monday, November 30, 2015

November Trade Recap

I've made a few trades in November, and they have brought me several hundred cards. It's weird, I go months without a single trade and then I get three in a week, and I am constantly surprised which cards people want. The sets I figure are the most common and will be the least wanted have been the most wanted. 1991 Maxx, the most produced set in NASCAR history for example, I traded most away within a month of listing them on my tradelist on the Database. (You can buy a complete factory set for $5- or less!- on Ebay, any day of the week) But I am not complaining. Getting my duplicates into the hands of people who want them is something I love to do.

The first trade I made brought me more than 50 cards from 1992 Maxx 5th Anniversary, the black border set. This was also the first Maxx set to include foil. I am now only 1 card away from the complete 300 card set. I am missing Irv Hoerr. The standard, red bordered set was the first NASCAR set I ever completed, when I purchased a factory set in 1993.
This is my favorite card of the 51 I got from the set in this trade. It's one of the Memorable Moments subset highlighting interesting events in the previous season. It's my favorite subset of all time, and Maxx did it until the end. (1996) It's the only one of the new additions I've scanned so far, most of them will be put off until later as they are already done on the Database.
1992 Maxx 5th Anniversary #188
Another trade brought me nearly 120 cards, and got 1994-95 Stadium Club to only one card short of a complete set (Bill Wennington is the one missing). I got cards from a dozen different sets from this trading partner. 1994-95 Stadium Club is a 360 card set. Interestingly, although Stadium Club is one of my more favored brands, I've never completed any of them. This is now the closest I am to completing one.
1994-95 Stadium Club #287
My third and final trading partner worked a little different trade with me- I didn't know what I was going to be getting from him. (I prefer not to know what I'm getting so I really enjoyed this). I got cards from more than a dozen sets, and one of them was new to my collection.
The most surprising to me was this 1995-96 Ultra Stackhouse's Scrapbook #S-3. I thought I had completed this set years ago, but I hadn't! This was an interesting concept, in that this insert was issued, several cards at a time, in various Fleer products during 1995-96 and 1996-97.
This is the new set, 2007 Press Pass Legends. I'm not really a college collector but I won't turn them down either (Actually, I won't turn down ANY cards-from any sport- I will take the cards nobody else wants, a Home for Wayward Cards, if you will)
2007 Press Pass Legends #41
I'm not going to get it scanned in time, I want to get this post up in November, but two of my more favorite cards in this trade package were two of the 2012-13 Hoops Taco Bell promos. These look mostly just like regular 2012-13 Hoops cards  but they have rounded corners and different text on back, as well as different numbers. I didn't have any of these previously. (we don't do Taco Bell). I will include a scan in a future Hot off the Scanner Tray post.

7 of the cards in the trade were from 2006-07 Ultra. I really love Ultra- it was my favorite brand of cards when it was being produced for the NBA- but I had very little from the Upper Deck era, which lasted two seasons, 2006-07 and 2007-08. I have only a blaster's worth from 2006-07 and only about 2 packs worth of 2007-08. Two of the cards I got in this package were ones I got Gold Medallions of back in 2006 when I got said blaster.
I think I mentioned this card before, in Gold Medallion form- they did not bother to get his first name right, it's Kris, not Kirk.
2006-07 Ultra #162
Another card I thought I had, one of the info cards from 1993-94 Stadium Club. I didn't have this one, makes me wonder which other ones I don't have...I thought I had them all.
And one last card- I knew this one had eluded me, in this form. This was Karl Malone's first Topps card, and was reprinted during 1996-97 as part of the 50 Greatest Players Rookie Reprint program (he had, by this point, more than a dozen cards extant, but none from Topps, so they reprinted this one- I can't remember if I have the basic version or not, I know I don't have the Chrome or Refractor) I also have the Starting Lineup version of the card, as I got the figure years ago, no idea when. 1990s for sure.
1992-93 Topps #20
That's just some highlights. There were lots more, most of which I have not scanned yet. Thank you trading partners! Just before I put the finishing touches on this post, I made another trade on the Database. It won't get out in the mail until December, though, so perhaps I will make enough trades to make a recap post in December. Thanks for reading!


  1. What are you...the Statue of Liberty for unwanted cards? "give me your tired, your poor, your cards nobody wants....."

  2. I've always had a thing for that Alan Kulwicki Army paint scheme; although, I'd forgotten just how excellent the whole set looked when they were together. Excellent card!

    1. They were great! That photo is one of my all-time favorite NASCAR photos, too.

  3. Looks like you had a great month

    1. I sure did. All of 2015 has been an incredible year for me cardwise!