Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas 2015 Part 3 - NASCAR

Here is the third installment of the highlights of the 813 new cards I got for Christmas 2015. I got so many great cards that I decided to break them out by subject! 138 of the new cards I got were NASCAR, and I'm going to show a very large portion of them here, starting with the relics...

Blue parallel of Magnificent Materials from 2013 Fanfare. this was in the last pack out of my box.

I had already gotten the autographed version of this card, as a gift earlier in 2015! This is the Gold parallel.

My first Seat Belt relic! I had no idea they even made seat belt relics!

My first seat cover relic! Again, I had no idea they made seat cover relics! This is my 2nd oldest relic now, it's from 1997- only the second year of relic cards being made.

The relics just kept coming! I got a lot of them!

Now, how about some autographs?

This is also the 27,000th different NASCAR card in my collection!

I actually missed this card at first- it was in a toploader with another card, I didn't see it until later at night! It is my first card of him.

Hal Martin is one of three NASCAR drivers added to my collection 12/25/15, with Brandon McReynolds and Gaulding

Serially numbered 8 of 10! This was the second lowest numbered NASCAR card I'd ever pulled...for about 2 packs!

I got several of the Dave & Adams Hit Parade packs which gave me quite a few of the above cards.

Here are some numbered parallels and oddities...My first Power Pick cards. I honestly have no idea where they came from, I got them all as singles.

And here are just some other cards that I got and was able to get some good scans of...a rarity with the foil Press Pass loved to use on every insert.

This really scanned poorly, but you almost never see early 1960s race action on cards.

This may be the best scan I've ever gotten from a mirror foil card.

I got the complete 27 card set of 2005 Trackside Hot Pass The National as well. 

The base cards from 2013 Fanfare are really nice. They don't scan as well as they look in person, but they look really, really good in person.
All the border area that looks black is gold foil.

The holofoil parallels are one per hobby pack and are die cut.

I also pulled a silver parallel, serially numbered to 25.
And, finally...the second lowest serially numbered NASCAR card I've ever pulled! (I pulled a 1 of 1 Christmas 2006)


  1. There's just so much awesome in this post - love the autos from the early days of the sport! I'm feeling inspired to start rebuilding my NASCAR collection now; for that I thank you (and my wallet seethes at you).

    1. Thanks! I really am happy with what I got. I have lots of NASCAR available for trade if you are interested

  2. It's nice to see so much variety in relics and autos. Of course my favorite stuff from this post is the stuff with some of my favorite drivers on it: Dale Jr., Josh Wise, Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon.

    1. Yes indeed, and I didn't even show them all! (Some I didn't have scans ready for when I made the post)