Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ebay 10 Year Anniversary

January 2nd, 2016, marks my 10 year anniversary of Ebay membership. I joined later than most - I've had internet access at home since 2000. Even now, I still have not used it all that much. I have a grand total feedback of...

wait for it...

100. Yep, that's it! Although there were probably a dozen transactions I've made where the seller didn't leave me any feedback despite my paying them promptly.

Granted, I didn't use it for multiple years in that time. When Ebay went to the system where you HAD to use Paypal, that shut me out as I don't have a paypal account. When they did that, I didn't use Ebay I have no idea how long that lasted for, but I did still have Ebay access during that time, as my mom does have a paypal account.

A year or so ago, Ebay made another rules change where you could pay via credit card, through paypal. That allowed me back in, and allowed me to finagle it to get my feedbacks up to exactly 100 for the 10 year anniversary.

I am not planning to set it up so I hit any specific number for any other date, but when I saw that I was approaching 10 years, and at 94 feedbacks, I had to do it.

Maybe I will clear 200 by my 20th anniversary in 2026. I wonder how many blog posts I will be at by then?

Now, I have a lousy memory span and I don't keep track of where I get stuff. But I know some of the things I've gotten on Ebay. While the majority of my 100 feedbacks are for 1/64 NASCAR diecast, there are quite a few cards too. Here's some I got on Ebay (that I remember getting there)

1911 Heroes of History/Men of History - my first Tobacco card

1912 Player's Egyptian Kings, Queens & Classical Deities

I bought the factory set of 300 cards, 2004 Upper Deck History of the United States
I got a bunch of the Useful Birds of America series on there
1971 STP, the rarest and also first NASCAR set ever

I still can't believe I was able to get this for under $15. a 5 color firesuit patch and a 3 color shoe patch, with stitching! Bayne won my all-time favorite Cup race, the 2011 Daytona 500
1948 Bowman
2012-13 Absolute Basketball Spectrum Platinum, SN02/10

2012-13 Immaculate Immaculate Standard

I don't remember anymore if this was the first thing I purchased, or the first thing to arrive. It was one of the two...and this reminds me that I have not posted on my diecast blog since I took me 5-day break for the Star Wars movie. I have been so busy with cards that I have not had time for the others.

Action 1997 Mike Skinner truck promo
After I wrote up this post, I decided to take a look through what was available on Ebay. Needless to say, my feedback will be going up shortly...


  1. The patchwork on that Trevor Bayne card is pretty sweet. I have an eBay problem, so my feedback score is quite a bit higher than 100.

  2. Yeah, I saw that in the listing and I was thrilled to see it Buy It Now for $12 and change. I did as fast as I could! I try to stay off Ebay...because I could easily spend lots more money than I've got!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I later added the Klay Thompson from the same set as well

  4. eBay is very addicting. I must be in the 1000's.

    1. At my current pace, it will take me 100 years to reach that mark!