Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sets in my Collection #14: 1934 Useful Birds of America Series 7

Are you tired of the Useful Birds of America yet? They have taken up 4 of the first 13 posts, and they all use pretty much the same design. If so, fear not as this is the final post of the Useful Birds series. I am not tired of them....I love them! Series 7 is the next to last set produced in the series but the last one in my collection, I do not have any of series 8.

As much as I do love the bird cards, I really don't have anything new to add at this point, other than the fact that is the only card I have from the 7th series, and it's one of the worst condition cards of any of the 33 cards I have combined from series 2-7. I still love it.

It appears that the card has lived quite an interesting life. It's clearly been thumbtacked to something, and it seems to have been glued into an album of some sort as well. Luckily it didn't take too much damage from that as it appears to have taken some of the album with it- instead of the usual loss of card material to the album.