Thursday, May 10, 2018

A visit to a new dealer

I was happy to find a new dealer recently. But that's not entirely accurate...I've known the dealer since around 1994...he moved to a new location which is much easier for me to get to, and even better, he's got a lot of new stuff. I was able to go thorough only 3 of the boxes he had there, before my back gave out. I managed to find over 100 cards, and even a couple of new sets and one person who was missing from my collection. Here are some highlights. And by highlights, I mean more than half of the cards I got. (Over 100!)

Only NASCAR card he had that I didn't, I do now of course.

He had 5 RC from this set, and two of them were SN093/300

2009-10 Panini Season Update is a new set for me

2013-14 Court Kings is a new set for me

FINALLY got this Elton!

Dwight Buycks was the only new player added to my collection. I thought I added two but it turned out I already had a card of James Anderson, and forgot

I originally wrote this post up in November 2015, and never posted it. I determined that it didn't have the usual thought and effort I put into posts, and was just showing a bunch of cards with little context other than "Look what I just bought!". I can do better, so it sat untouched in my queue for more than 2 years. I decided to go through my drafts to see if there was anything from one of my posts that never went anywhere that I could salvage. While this is not my greatest post, I decided to finally post it, just to get it out of my queue. Since that time I've visited the dealer about a dozen times so "new" is not really correct anymore, is what it is.

Sorry for the lack of good stuff to read, but hopefully you enjoyed the scans, at least. I'll be back to hopefully quality posts next time In theory!


  1. With all the various (and informative) posts you write, you're entitled to clear out your queue with a scan-heavy post like this. I really like the Reflections CP3 and the Hakeem memorable moments. Also, I'm not sure I have a Jason Kidd Nets card in my collection.

  2. Posts like this make me want to collect basketball cards, even though I have little interest in the sport. A multitude of designs, colors, and poses I've never seen make me excited.

    1. I'd be glad to send you some...just say the word and I'll build you a starter box like I did with NASCAR

  3. It's so weird seeing Shaq wearing a Suns jersey.

  4. Nice haul! Glad to see a bid of NASCAR in there too!