Saturday, April 4, 2020

Cardboard History History of Cardboard: 1960-1969

The 60s, in my opinion, had the best music, especially from 1964-68. But the cards, especially in the non-sports realm, do not have the same vibrant variety as what had come before; to this date that still holds true. The NBA finally starts to get some cardboard respect, with annual sets debuting in 1969-70.

1960 Revell 50th Anniversary of Naval Flight

1961-62 Fleer

1962 Topps

1963 Topps Flag Midgees

1964-65 Kahn's

1965 Donruss Spec Sheet

1966 Topps Batman

1967 Philadelphia

1968 Topps Hot Rods

1969 Topps Man on the Moon
My 60s collection, for non-sports, is actually pretty slim. The years represented by sports cards here do not have a single non-sports card in my collection, with the exception of 1961. 1960 is also pretty slim- the Revell promo card is the only non-sports card issued in that year that's in my collection, although the year is represented in my NHL and MLB collections. The 1968 Topps Hot Rods set is actually a reissue of the 1966 set of the same name, which had slightly different back coloration. While the iconic 1969-70 Topps NBA set should probably have gotten the nod for 1969, the Man on the Moon set- humanity's greatest achievement- could not be ignored. Even though none of the cards in the set actually have any images from the Apollo 11 mission, mostly being a modified reissue of a 1963 set that is not yet in my collection. (Edit to the original post: The 1963 Astronauts set now IS in my collection, although not scanned yet)


  1. The very first cards I ever collected were non-sports cards, starting with 1963's World War II cards (which you can find on my 1960s Pop Culture blog).

    That was soon followed by Combat cards, Beatles cards, and Batman cards.

    I didn' start collecting baseball or football until 1967.

    1. I still have not gotten any of those WWII cards yet... someday I will.

  2. That 1969 Topps Man on the Moon card is awesome! Had to have a copy for myself, so I went over to eBay and bought one.

    1. Cool, glad to have helped your collection in some way!

  3. Lots of good stuff here. I agree with Fuji on the 1969 Man on the Moon set. Also, I like that St. Louis Hawks logo on the Fleer card. The entire design of that card is pretty cool.

    1. The Fleer set is ok, but considering Fleer reused it at least 4 times I'm pretty much tired of it now, lol.