Wednesday, March 22, 2023

In Memory of Willis Reed

 Yesterday Knicks icon Willis Reed passed away at the age of 80. He had been in bad health but it's still very sad...since I've got some more experiences than just cards of his I felt I needed to craft a post. 

First off...the Knicks are one of the original NBA teams, and they have only won two Championships...he was the starting center for both title teams, and his moment at the 1970 Finals is one of the most iconic moments in basketball history, let alone for the Knicks. I just needed to mention that. 

Of course my closest connection to any athlete is the cards, and I've been lucky enough to pull some exceptional cards of Willis Reed....

This card, which is the Luxury Box parallel of 2004-05 Luxury Box, is a 1/1 and came from a single pack purchase from my local comic book store in 2005 when the set was new. 

This card is from 2005-06 SP Game Used and SN 02/10, which makes it tied for the second lowest SN'd autograph I've ever pulled from a pack. 

However, it wasn't my first autograph of him. I have his autograph from the 1996-97 Topps Stars Rookie Reprint, and I also have the original card as well. 
He also has the record for the most fragile card in my collection, the poster insert from 1970-71 Topps. 

When my brother and I took a tour of Madison Square Garden back in 2019, they had some of his memorabilia on display:
This quote is on the outside of the building, which is reserved for only the most important athletes and musicians to play at MSG
On the tour
THE moment

I don't remember what these were but I know they were his. 

And then when we went to the Basketball Hall of Fame he is a member there also.

I didn't have time to click on every name- nor could my back handle standing there that long- but I did photodocument the screens showing all the inductees. 

Rest in Peace Mr. Reed. 

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