Monday, December 4, 2023

FINALLY no longer hanging over my head

 I have mentioned it a few times over the years- when my brother gave me my current scanner I went and scanned a bunch of mirror foil and Finest style cards. I do not like editing those scans, they are not fun at all...the term I've used in the past is "soul crushing". I had set them aside to work on when I was sick and didn't want to touch any cards to make new scans, and...guess what, I'm sick again. This is the third time in 2023 I've managed to catch a cold...I'm so ready for 2024. Worse still is that I'll miss my model club Christmas party for the first time ever, since I joined the club in 2009. 

But, with all this time being spent sick, I finally got the scans finished! They have been waiting since 2019, I believe. 

After the last sickness, I had only 10 pages left- 2 of 1994 Finest baseball and 4 each of 1994-95 and 1997-98 Finest basketball. 

over the course of yesterday and today I finished off all 10 pages. I'm so glad they are done and behind me now, no longer hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles. 

Not to say I'm done with the foils and Finests, I have several hundred that require scans still, and I am still adding more to the collection, as in last post. But when you do one or two pages at a time it's a lot more tolerable than seeing over 100 pages looming ahead of you. I didn't pay attention to how many pages it was, or if I did I forgot, but I think it was actually closer to 500 scans, which would be about 250 pages. I know this round covered images 561 to 627, and I know they started in at least the 200s- maybe lower numbered. I wish I had paid more attention to that. 

The next scan I make will be #13997 so that tells you an idea of how long ago these were scanned. Like I said, I think it was 2019. It might have been late 2018. The one thing I would change about this Epson V600 if I could would be that it saves the date the scan was made, it does not. I know the scans were made BEFORE I went to the NY International Auto show in 2019. 

This was the last card cropped and edited. 1997-98 Finest #242. 

Here's an example of the other two sets I mentioned.

Unfortunately some of the 1994-95 Finests have greened. 

I know now that I will not do such a huge batch of scanning like that again. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it turns out it wasn't. Lesson learned. 

Sorry if the writing is a little disjointed in this post. After all I am sick. 


  1. It is a shame some of them took on that greenish tinge. At least you're done now and won't have that hanging over you.

    1. This isn't even the worst of them that I've got.

  2. Since acquiring some 1994 Finest Baseball I've wondered if the greening was simply part of the design, but from what you're saying it's probably those particular cards' aging process enhanced by exposure to sunlight? Congrats on the progress on the ongoing scanning project. I need to get off my rump and do mine, too.

    1. It's definitely the Finest technology. I'm not sure sun affects it- some of mine that I've kept in white cardboard boxes since the 1990s have turned, while others look the same as the day I got them. I suspect they will turn someday too. I've seen the greening affect cards as late as 1997-98 NBA season. I don't know if they changed the way they made them (they did get thicker after that) or just hasn't been enough time yet.

    2. The Finest/Chrome green thingy is one of the biggest hobby mysteries. Seems like most people I've talked to think that sunlight does impact it... but like you said, even the ones stored in boxes since the mid 90's come out that way.

      P.S. Hope you feel better soon.