Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NASCAR Box #2!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled 30 Day Challenge programming because I got a big giant box of NASCAR cards in the mail today...totally unexpectedly! This comes from the same person who sent me a totally unexpected box of NASCAR cards back in July! It will take me a while to process these into my collection but the last time he did this it became one of my Top 5 days for most new cards ever...
The box arrived 4 years to the day after I collapsed and came literally 5 minutes away from dying. What a difference 4 years makes!

Thank you my friend, I very much appreciate this!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

30 Day Challenge 24: Favorite 60s Oddball

I don't actually have many 60s oddballs. Again, like the 50s, it's from before I was born so I don't really know what is out there, so I basically only have whatever I've stumbled across.

This one is a set I was aware of and looked for. From 1961-62, it's the Essex Meats St. Louis Hawks set.
This regional issue was made by the Essex Meats company. The cards are not numbered and include several players who got their only card in this set. McCarthy is not one of them, though, he also appears in 1961-62 Fleer. This is the only card I've been able to get my hands on- some of them can sell into the triple digits so I don't expect to ever be able to complete this set.

Monday, April 24, 2017

30 Day Challenge 23: Favorite 50s Oddball

I love oddballs. I don't know any collector that doesn't. I don't have many 50s oddballs in my collection...mostly due to lack of access. I can't collect what I have no idea exists.

This card, for instance, I had no idea existed. Until I found a stash of them for sale, that is...
From 1959, comes Sicle Air Force. These cards came with ice cream on a stick in 1959, and are somewhat whimsical, as this fighter plane appears to be flying through is a Starfighter, after all. Many of the the cards I've got are out of focus. About half feature artwork and half photography. Some of the artwork is a little strange, like a giant missile being launched from the middle of a city...
but mostly they are just fun. Unless you are a communist, in which case it was implied you'd be on the business end of the missile.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

30 Day Challenge 22: A common player who seemed to elude me

This is an interesting one, because I'm not sure how it was really meant. I'll post it as I see it.

In 2013-14 I was buying a lot of cards at retail. My second year back into the NBA, I was collecting heavily at that time- more than I am now in fact.

Panini makes very small sets. Most are 200 cards. It's not hard to get at least one card of a person if they are one of the "chosen ones" Panini puts into sets. (With a 450 man league, Panini usually ignores more than half of it).

With the way Panini does things, there are a core group of rookies that they put in every set, and then some other rookies who show up in some sets. Ray McCallum was one of the original group of rookies who was in every set.

Despite my opening a ton of packs that year, I did not get a single McCallum card. He was the only main rookie of the season I did not add to my collection during that season.

Eventually, I've gotten a couple of cards of him. Not many, but he has been rare to see in a set post-rookie season.

In a bit of a humorous twist, I recently found a pack of 2013-14 Hoops that I had gotten in a blaster when the set was new, but I had misplaced it. I opened it up and what do I find?
If I had not lost this pack, not only would I have had a card of him during his rookie would have been an autograph.

Funny how that works some times.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

30 Day Challenge 21

The original topic was "a rookie you thought you were investing in". I don't invest. Investors are the enemy of true collectors. Investors don't care about what it is they are buying, as long as they can make a profit. They keep things from being in the hands of people who actually care about whatever it is they are buying, and they artificially inflate prices in a manipulation made only to make themselves feel better.


What I will do. however, is showcase a player that I thought was going to "make it" in the NBA, but instead never played a single game.
Rod Grizzard was highly touted coming up through college, he was somebody I heard a lot about as a can't miss prospect. He ended up slipping to the second round of the NBA draft, and was cut during preseason. He never played a single NBA game. He did have a professional career- in Singapore, Belgium, Australia, Israel and New Zealand. And for the USBL, which is an American league but so far off the radar they have never gotten any cards. Spent some time in the D-League too. His last year playing professional ball was 2011. I have absolutely no idea what he's doing now.

It would have been tough for him to make the Wizards, who drafted him, that year. The player starting in the same position he played? Michael Jordan. The rookie they chose to keep that year who played the same position was Jared Jeffries, who only got into 20 games that year. It still surprises me that he never got into the NBA. I don't usually hear this much about a player who doesn't make it, but there have been a few. The difference is that so many other people expected him to make it, he actually got cards...

Friday, April 21, 2017

30 Day Challenge 20: Favorite parallel concept

I'm heading to Wayne, New Jersey for the largest scale model car show in the world. While I will have internet access I will probably be too busy to post so the posts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are being scheduled. By now I am well into the month of April without missing a day and I am hoping to keep that streak going. When I return I should finally have time to type up the three box breaks I've done since I started the 30 Day Challenge, but the Challenge is what you will be seeing for the next few days at least. 

My favorite parallel concept is a long-running one. My all-time favorite is the Refractor concept. Introduced by Topps in 1993-94, they are incredible. I've never met a Refractor I didn't like. Picking one to show here is a tough choice, because I have Refractors in my collection spanning about 20 years. So, when all else fails, I will show one of the oldest.
Refractors just look like they are glowing from the inside, they look great. The first set that had them, 1993-94 Finest, is some of the rarer ones. I only have 5 of the 220.
I just got the base card in trade last year, I wish I had scanned it so I could show what it looks like as well.
Here's a base card of one of his teammates.
Unfortunately some of the early Finest cards, the skin color of the player is turning whitish or greenish, with no real rhyme or reason for it to do so. At least this one is uniform. Not all are.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

30 Day Challenge 19: A favorite card from outside the USA

There's quite a few basketball cards in my collection from outside the USA, but I've shown a whole lot of basketball in this program. Let's expand the field a little, and go back to long before the first basketball card was ever issued.
As I've mentioned in the past, ancient history is one of my absolute favorite things to read about. There are very, very few cards that cover ancient history, and this is one of a very few in my collection. Hailing from 1912, this card is from the Player Egyptian Kings, Queens and Classical Deities set. It's my only card from the set, and I won it on ebay a couple years ago. It's not the first time I've shown this card on Cardboard History. At some point I'd like to get the rest of the cards in the set.

Player is from England.

I seriously considered one of the cards from the 1908 Wills European Royalty set, but with 55 of them, I would have a tough time choosing.