Thursday, January 29, 2015

Being sick is not a lot of fun. Updated with photo.

Sick again. I woke up sick on January first, got better, and then got sick again-worse than before, in fact. Of the 29 days of the month, (and really, we're on day 29 already? How'd that happen!?) I've been not-sick maybe 6 of them.

And that's not counting the permanent health problems I have, but I'm talking about your common, annoying, cold. This one hit me so bad I can barely even talk- although I'm not much of a talker in the first place.

It has put my card stuff on a bit of a hold as well. It's hard to concentrate on cards when you are feeling this bad- I've essentially lost several days of getting my tradelist entered into the Database. Let alone scanning or posting anything. I didn't accomplish anything at all yesterday other than watching one of the two Simpsons episodes I've missed; I would have watched both but the Cablevision On Demand was not working right. I tried to watch the movie Midway but fell asleep early on, the last thing I remember was when they determined that it was indeed Midway that was the target. I'm a big history buff and the battle of Midway is my favorite from WWII to read about.

But being sick does make me think of how athletes play through sickness. The most incredible time I can recall was when Michael Jordan was poisoned during the 1997-98 finals. He literally turned green, yet he still nearly single-handedly won the game. He needed help to walk off the court, yet still put up, if I recall correctly, 38 points.

Why can't I do something like that? (well, aside from the fact that I'm nowhere near as talented as MJ).

And I couldn't imagine driving in a race while being sick. I know it's been done. One of the worst things I can imagine is projectile vomiting while wearing a full face helmet...but it's happened. Eww. (Fun fact- if you remove the seat and dashboard, NASCAR cars can be cleaned with a common hose. The dashboard has electronic scoring and in some cases lighting, and the seat has a cloth covering that could probably be hosed down, but wouldn't dry as quickly). Score one for mandated simplicity.

I am feeling better today, and I hope to get one of the features I want to post to Cardboard History typed up, or at least partially typed up. I have two pages I want to create- but I've been putting them off while I worked on the duplicates. Not sure I'm up to that yet (I may try, though- and don't worry, cards don't carry germs; I never stopped doing cards when I was sick when I was in school and going through them in later years never once made me sick, in fact I went nearly a decade without getting sick and never stopped dealing with the same cards. I also wash my hands constantly- every 20 minutes or less) The pages appear at the top of each post and the main page, so by nature they are important topics. Even if I do get one done I doubt I will get them both posted, because one of them is going to require more than one day's worth of work to create. It requires planning and research...

The NBA's duplicates have almost caught NASCAR's, and I believe they will surpass them in the next session I get for entering them- two of the largest sets are ahead of me still, plus I still have all of 2004-05 through 2011-12 and the 1980s to enter, plus some 2013-14 and 14-15. (Not as many as it sounds like as I took a break from the NBA from 2006-07 through 2011-12, so it's only a couple hundred cards, and at least 1/3rd of them are probably from 2005-06 Rookie Debut, a set I did two boxes of.) The margin is only around 400 cards. Of course, if I could find the rest of my NBA duplicates, they would have a several thousand card lead...someday.

One last thing, the mail came after I went to sleep, and I got a dual patch in the mail! I don't have the mental energy needed to deal with the scanner I use for patches right now (my normal scanner has no depth of field whatsoever, the one that does is damaged and needs a LOT of work to fix a scan for posting) but hopefully I can get it posted up in a new feature I plan to debut in a few days.
EDIT: I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner, but, why not take a real, genuine photograph? Duh...

As always, thanks for reading!

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