Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hot off the Scanner Tray Week 2

Finished my typing project and back to scanning on 9/29. Here are some highlights...
 My brother brought me a blaster of Excalibur. The set didn't do much for me when I first saw it but it's really starting to grow on me. This was my hit.
 2012-13 Panini Shannon Brown. One of my favorite Panini sets, this one came out of a repack my brother brought me when he brought me the Excalibur blaster.
Excalibur is one of the few sets of the season to show in action photos. I think this is only my second Hornets Version 2 action card.

My first card of Rudez. Excalibur included several players who were not in my collection yet.

 1996-97 Stadium Club Rookies II Marcus Camby. Back in September 2014 I got 6 mixboxes and I am still going through them...on the last one now. This one came out of it. I am now 3 away from the complete Rookies II set.
 1997-98 Fleer Total O Jordan. My first card from this insert!
 Every one of the mix-boxes includes usually an autograph and a relic (sometimes more than one). This box the autograph was a college card, unfortunately.
First card of this player in my collection, from the repack my brother brought me.
I scanned my entire Gerard King collection, I believe...a grand total of 2 cards. I enjoy getting the obscure guys more than the big names.

Made a trade on the Database and got two 1979-80 Topps cards, both Nets, my favorite team. (The other, not shown, is Eddie Jordan. That card is slightly out of register, not uncommon with cards of the era). The trader also sent along three cards from 1993-94 Stadium Club that I didn't know were coming, and I needed all three of them as well!  1979-80 is one of the few sets from the era I don't have complete or darn close to it. I have 75-76 through 78-79 complete, I'm short about 10 panels from 1980-81 and I have 1981-82 complete.

I'm still working on those hockey cards I was given back in January. Of those not already on the Database I only have foils and chrome cards left to do, but they are a lot of effort and I don't really enjoy it so I don't work on them too often.
Still working on the football, too.
That's it for this week!


  1. I hope you can find those last three rookie cards you need.

    1. I have not looked, honestly I thought I had already completed them...when I double checked this card I discovered I hadn't!

  2. PWE on the way . You can put that 78-79 set to bed.