Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hot Off the Scanner Tray Week 3

The monthly comic box came and in it was the latest Star Wars Insider magazine, which had two promos for Journey to the Force Awakens inside it. Here's one of them.
Way back in 2012 the first checklist I posted to the Database was the one for 1992-93 Upper Deck 15,000 point club. Somebody else posted all the scans, but I still scan mine when I come across them in my collection. I hit 2000 checklists posted to the Database sometime around 2 AM on 10/5/15. It was one of the inserts for Chrome Perspectives Jedi vs. Sith but I don't know which one.
I'm only one card away from completing the 15,000 point club insert as well. Off the top of my head I want to say it's Moses Malone I'm missing but I could be wrong.

2000-01 Topps Gallery Heritage Baron Davis. Topps only did two years of Heritage in the NBA, which is unfortunate as I really loved those sets. They did an insert in 2000-01 Heritage that used other designs. This one uses the 1979-80 design; the 2000-01 Heritage set used the 1971-72 design and 2001-02 Heritage used the 1974-75 design.
 1992-93 Upper Deck Award Winner Holorgram Detlef Schrempf. I love holograms, always have, always will. The 1992-93 inserts are not as common to come across compared to 1991-92.
Decided to scan a page of hockey, all 1989-90 O-Pee-Chee. I usually put off all the cards already done and posted to the Database but for some unknown reason I decided to scan a page of this set. I was given a lot of these, and it's a great design. I even went looking through my boxes of "to be scanned later" until I found a stash of them to scan.
Mom got me a repack and while there were not a lot of new cards in it, the ones that it contained were great...first card out of this box was this one...
1990 Star Akeem Olajuwon #6. These Star sets are quite rare. This is my first from the Olajuwon set of 11 cards. This one alone made the box worthwhile in my book, but there also were these...
1992-93 Topps Gold #21

2009-10 SP Signature #78. This is my first card from this set!

2012-13 Select #101. This is my 6th card from this set, the first one not an autograph that came from a lot I bought on Ebay last year.

2013-14 Hoops Red #254. I have a lot of this set, I really like it a lot. There was a sealed pack in the box but this was the only new card.
If it wasn't for that Star card, the best card in the box would have been this one- an error. I love errors. This one has a small part of the next card on the printing sheet on the bottom, but it's not really visible in the scan. (You can just see a trace of red on the bottom right) There was another miscut card in the pack, also with too much bottom border and not enough top, but there is no portion of another card on it.
2012-13 Hoops #169 error.
For a comparison, here is what the normal card looks like.
Note the margins on top and bottom. As an aside, this is my favorite set Panini has ever done.

2006-07 Rookie Debut #115. Hilton Armstrong is from my family's hometown of Peekskill NY. I only have two cards of him in my collection.

1998-99 Topps Kick Start #KS15. Look at the background on this's spectacular. It looks great in the scan, but better in person!

Yesterday, I received a RAOK from Mark Hoyle which he sent me the last cards I needed to complete my 1979-80 Topps set. I have not gotten any scanned yet, but I wanted to thank Mark for his generosity! 

That's it for this week!


  1. That Star card was a pretty good get from a repack. It is funny how it seems to be featuring Sam Bowie more than Akeem though. And those Upper Deck hologram's are just as great now as they were in the early 90's.

  2. The Olajuwon and the Schrempf are my favorites from this post as well.