Friday, October 16, 2015

Hot off the Scanner Tray Week 4- a rare non-weekend weekly roundup

For some reason I have not been keeping up with creating this post as I go along, and leaving it in draft like I usually do; I am starting it from scratch now and will post it when I am done. Now, normally I post it on the weekend but I am going to do something different this week. Saturday is out because it's my scale model club's annual show, which will take up most of my day. Even when the show is over my time will be spent processing the photos- I'm the official show photographer, a position I volunteered for. Our Show  I might have time to do a post afterword but I don't want to take the chance of missing a week. Sunday is out because that is my birthday, and I will have new cards to post well as a major milestone for my collection- I'm going to hit 80,000 different NBA cards. I know I will, as all I told my mom and brother I want are cards (and a few comics I missed throughout the year) but even if they don't get me as many cards as I need, I have a stash waiting to be opened that will get me there for sure.  I'm at 79,968 as of right now.

I have been very busy this week scanning, and a lot of it was vintage. I have also been working on checklists and team cards- two topics I love- and I am the only collector I know who has ever listed a checklist as their #1 most wanted card. (1996-97 Topps #111, it was my most wanted from 1996 through 2005, when I finally hunted one down and, I believe, traded an autograph for it!)

2005-06 Topps Total #425. The two years of Total were the only mainstream sets ever to include mascots.

1972-73 Topps #216. This card almost led to it's very own post. For some reason this card evokes some faded memories for me, but I can't remember WHY this card was so important to me. It may have been my first card from this set, my first ABA card, or both. I simply don't remember and in the end decided to just post it here.

1974-75 Topps #83. I love team cards and wish they still did them.

1977-78 Topps #123. I did most of these in my collection in a one day span. More below. E. C. looks like he's dancing, to me.

1977-78 Topps #132, Darryl Dawkins' rookie card, and last card in the set. As is usual for cards of this era, the back of my card is not in great shape.

1990-91 Hoops #130. Father of defending NBA Rookie of the Year Andrew Wiggins.

1993 Action Packed Hall of Fame #35. One of my biggest regrets surrounds this set. When I was not collecting NBA I went into a card shop that had a bunch of these cards for sale. I didn't get any. The shop has since closed. I probably could have completed my set there in one day. I will always regret not getting those cards and some others the shop had.

1995 (1994) Action Packed Hall of Fame #9. (The set is referred to as 1995-even by itself- but is copy written 1994 and has features on the 1994 inductees into the HOF. Action Packed's second and final basketball release, this set has always been one of my favorites. Some have not aged well, as the foil Action Packed used sometimes turned nasty. When I was going through my collection to pull these for scanning, I missed one card, argh. This is one of the very, very few cards to show the Chicago Packers, a team that was in operation under that name for one year, 1961-62. They are currently the Washington Wizards.

1995-96 Metal Maximum Metal #3. Somehow this card got put into the box with the other cards already on the Database that I was putting off to do later, when I went through those two boxes to pull out the 1977-78 Topps cards I found this one in there. It's die cut.

1997-98 Finest Embossed #164. The embossing is hard to see, but this is also a die cut card. They were not easy to find. Scanned REALLY good for a Finest!

2001-02 Topps Heritage #92. This was my 30,000th Card, and the first Milestone card I ever wrote down, back in 2002. Lamar Odom has been in the news lately for ODing on various drugs, they aren't sure if he will survive.
I went through the aforementioned box of cards to be scanned later because the Database broke out the listing for the two versions of 1977-78 Topps. There is a version with gray backs and white backs. It was the only year Topps produced the cards like that, and the gray backs seem to be slightly more common.

The #103 of Billy Paultz is the only card I have both versions of. 

The Database reckons collections differently than I do. For me, if a card has more than one person featured, the Database keys it to however many people appear, I keep track of how many cards I have that depict more than one subject, (not always person, it can include teams, kinds of cars, whatever, where applicable.) Well, I found the box of the multi-subject cards and started working on them. This one features Elton Brand, in only his second year. 
2000-01 Topps #290. This purple border is not my favorite, and not easy to make the scan accurately match it, either! Karl Malone makes it into this post twice, look in the background on the Wiggins card.
 And, of the greatest names in professional basketball. 
1989-90 Hoops #104. Blab, from Germany, was one of the earliest European players to come to the NBA. As far as I know, he only got two cards, the other being in 1990-91 Skybox.

It's all basketball this week, as that is all I've worked on.


  1. I like the Squatch first I thought Chewie was playing basketball! And the Blab, what a name for a back of a jersey.

  2. Great post. The '72 card of Snapper is also one of my favorite cards from that set . Although being from Portland I'm slightly biased to anything pertaining to him, as he is former Trailblazer and did color work on the Blazers television broadcasts for a couple of years as well.

    1. I didn't realize that was THE Steve Snapper Jones. Cool! I have heard him on the broadcasting end but never put two and two together