Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sets in my Collection #8 - 1929 Player's Hidden Beauties

I have been slacking on posting my Sets in my collection. Today is October 15th and I've only done one so far this month! I have not been really motivated to write too much- and it shows. I have so many things I want to write about- just getting the motivation to do it is not always easy. I sat looking at a blank white screen before I decided if I wanted to post in the Sets series, or start a new series I have been slowly working up to that will require a lot more work on my end, and lots of research, but the research involves looking at lots of cards, so it's not unenjoyable. In the end I realized I didn't have the motivation to do a large post, so a Sets post it is. It's already Thursday and I haven't even started this week's roundup Hot off the Scanner Tray yet...


Set #8 is from 1929, and was issued by Player, a major British tobacco firm.

I received this card as a gift from a member of the Non-Sports forum several years back, after I posted that my main goal was to get a tobacco card. I just stopped posting on all the forums at the conclusion of 2013, and I have not been back since. I really should go back to some- I do miss some of them. (It isn't just blog posting I have trouble maintaining).

The set is 25 cards, tobacco standard size. I have only this one card.

Each card highlights something microscopic, a cool concept for a card set that worked in the early days but wouldn't get off the drawing board now- perhaps as an insert in Allen & Ginter but it's own standalone set? Not a chance.


  1. Totally agree, would never make it in today's card market. Appreciate you posting these oddball non sports sets

    1. Glad you are enjoying them Mark, there are more to come!