Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hot off the Scanner Tray Week 5

I mentioned opening some of the Journey to the Force Awakens cards in my birthday post, but I hadn't scanned them to post in the Birthday post. I scanned them shortly afterwords. I got my first Neon parallel....I was not able to capture how very bright it is in hand!

I created an album on my website where I put all the cards I got for my birthday...or at least I will, when I finish scanning them, someday. (Some of the 2012-13 Panini Brilliance are being put off indefinitely). You can see it HERE

On the subject of 2012-13 Panini Brilliance, that is a set that I really don't care much for. I'm not a fan of mirror foil and that's what the entire set is made from. To put in perspective how little I like the set, I got a box of it on sale in February 2014...and I STILL have not finished scanning it! I determined that there were 16 cards I had from the set not yet on the Database, so I finally scanned them on 10/20/15. I filled the other two slots on the pages with cards I got for my birthday so at least a couple of them will be represented in the album in a timely fashion (IE, this decade).
Not a new card, it's one of those that have been waiting since 2/14/14 to get scanned. And this is my favorite player currently in the League!

1996-97 Stadium Club is a favorite set of mine, and this is the most innovative insert from that set. Each card was die cut so that, in theory, if you had both from each team you could connect them to show the location and the team name. I don't have either card for any of the teams included so I don't know for sure if it actually works.

It is kind of a slow HOST this week, but for good reason. The first couple days of the week, I was working on transferring (copying, actually) all my files from nearly 2 dozen flash drives to my external hard drive...this meant I had to unplug my scanner to plug in each flash drive. I really love the new drive, for the first time ever I am able to have access to all my files at once- mostly photos (Including scans) but also Excel and Word files and also videos. I forgot to write down a couple of the flash drives but the ones I did write down totaled over 230,000 files!

While I was doing that, I prepped some of the previously scanned NASCAR cards. I scanned my entire collection from 2009-12 but I did a really poor job of it. Pretty much all of them need to be worked on, nearly 1/3rd need to be outright replaced. I don't enjoy the correction work so I don't do it often. I prepped two 1997 sets while I was doing the Drive work, Skybox ProFile and Racer's Choice.
I see in posting it to the blog that I need to make another correction on both of these cards. Even when I think I am done I still see something wrong many times. Can you spot what needs fixing?

On the Racer's Choice Hut Stricklin, there's some scanner scuzz in the large red R of Racer's Choice, and for the Ernie Irvan card from Pro File, there is some scanner scuzz on his sleeve at the very bottom of the card.

The other reason I didn't do a lot for this post this week, is that on the 22nd Mom surprised me with a late birthday present- a box of 2015-16 Hoops - which will get it's own post in the next day or two.

I have created a new section on my website, called "Box Breaks"  I love to open boxes of cards, and I'm going to document them there. I have been opening boxes since 1990 and I won't be able to get all the old ones done, but I will be able to get some of them from my records, and any in the future can be documented there. So far all that is in it is the Chrome Perspectives Jedi vs. Sith set I did a box break on recently. There will be more shortly, as I'm going to upload more as soon as I hit post on this post.


  1. If you ever come across the 1998-98 SkyBox Molten Metal - Xplosion #145 - Shaquille O'Neal could you include it in the Hot off the Scanner Week? It is really rare, I thik it is even more rare that what Beckett suggests. I have seen the Kobe many times, but no Shaq. Not even a picture. According to The Database you are the only one who has it.

    1. I just spotted your comment after I posted this week's post- I actually have that card and 4 or 5 other Xplosion parallels pulled up to scan shortly. I wanted to do a whole page of them but I am not sure I have enough. Maybe I will see if I can nab some cheap on ebay to fill out a page. Stay tuned!