Monday, February 22, 2016

January 2016 Trade Recap

I know it's late February when I am getting this posted, but I didn't want to break up my Top 20 countdown, and then I had other things I wanted to post first. I didn't get everything in this post scanned until today anyway!

Another month where I actually made enough trades to post a recap! That's three in a row, I think. Pretty rare these days! Three of the trades resulted in sets being completed, too!

I completed 4 trades during the month of January. Once again all 4 were made on the Trading Card Database

The first trade was a really simple one but it got me my first completed set of the year. It was a simple 1 for 1 trade (although I never just send one card- I sent three) with new Database member knighthawk40 and I got the final card I needed to complete the Collect-A-Card Vette Set. It arrived to me on January 13th.

Vette Set #59
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th trades all arrived on January 30th! Cutting it pretty close on the month, but still completed in January.

The big one came from my friend Josh who I have traded with before. (Database ID Joshua825) This is the second or third trade we've made, I don't remember, and they are always pretty big. This time I got the entire 1996 Knight Quest NASCAR set...a small set at 45 cards, but a complete set! I had only 5 or 6 beforehand so most of them are new to me. Josh also found some of the serially numbered parallels, including one of Dale Earnhardt, which I also got. And as usual he sent along some NBA stuff that I didn't know was coming, including the relic shown below! The 2005-06 Upper Deck Sweet Shot had not seen me add a card since January 8th, 2006, according to my paper listing. That's over a decade!
2001-02 Topps Champions & Contenders Challenging the Champ #CC-TK
1996 Knight Quest Royalty #25
Royalty features purple foil...
1996 Knight Quest Black Knight #36
Black Knight features gold holofoil.
Base cards feature dark gray foil, which scans black. Some feature different backgrounds as well.
1996 Knight Quest #11

1996 Knight Quest #36
2005-06 Upper Deck Sweet Shot #90
2004-05 Bowman Gold #5

2004-05 Topps Chrome #212

I made a small trade with SFC Temple that was small but helped us both out. I sent him two of the Pro Set Desert Storm cards he needed, and he sent me three cards from the 2001 Enduring Freedom set. I had not gotten any new cards from that set in quite a long time- I believe it was 2009 when I discovered the set existed, when I cleaned out the last 4 packs a semi-local shop had collecting dust on the shelf.
2001 Topps Enduring Freedom #3
2001 Topps Enduring Freedom #9

The final trade was with RUWrong, another Database member I've traded with in the past. We ended up mostly trading different cards from the same sets to each other. We both sent cards from 2012-13 Hoops, 2012-13 Past & Present and 2012-13 Prestige. He also sent along the last 1991-92 Hoops I needed, which, at 590 cards, is the largest set I've ever completed, and the second largest ever issued for the NBA!  He sent me the Kristaps Porzingis RC from this year's Hoops set, which I have been unable to pull, despite doing a hobby box, a blaster and some loose packs. Now I've got it!
1991-92 Hoops #579-the last card I needed to complete the set
2015-16 Hoops #261
2012-13 Hoops #80

2012-13 Past & Present #204

2012-13 Prestige #60

One change you may notice is that I am naming who I have traded with starting with this post. I have decided to do this in case anyone wants to trade with the other members and wants to know if they are trustworthy or not. I can assure you that if they appear in one of my trade recaps, they are indeed trustworthy!

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