Monday, February 8, 2016

NBA 20th Anniversary Countdown #7: 1995-96 Fleer

The one that started it all!

#7: 1995-96 Fleer

Why I like it: This is the set that began my now 20 year association with the National Basketball Association.

Set size/Completion: 350 cards. I completed the set on January 9th, 2003. I completed 1994-95 Skybox and 2002-03 Topps 10 on the same day.

I've written about this set before and I am sure I will write about it again. The first post I wrote about it was only my 8th post in Cardboard History history, and I really covered it totally then, not a lot I can say now that I didn't say then, but hopefully I have more readers now, so click on the word before in green and read my first post on the set. I didn't know how to make the pictures bigger back then, so you'll have to click on them to see them better.

The one thing I didn't cover the first time around was the back of the card.
They are pretty terrible, there's a reason no one ever talks about the back of this set. At least they are color coded to each team.