Saturday, November 19, 2016

Breaking down my one post per day norm thanks to Gavin

Holy crap, Gavin was not kidding when he said he was sending me a large was more than 17 pounds! Lots of stuff here. Every major sport was represented and non-sports as well, although most of them can't be shown here because they have misplaced their clothes. First picture is the box as I opened it, after removing the packing material and the second is the cards lined up in a 5000 count box (which doesn't hold that many so I don't know why they call it that) my favorite is the Elton sketch Gavin drew. I'll post a better image soon. There's actually more here I didn't go through yet. I couldn't sit there anymore so I saved the minor league box set he sent me for later.

Gavin, thank you so much, it'll take me weeks to process these cards but today may have taken over the lead on most new cards in one day for 2016. I'll know for sure once I document them on my charts and on the Database.