Monday, November 14, 2016

Total Blaster 4

4 NASCAR posts in a row, after a long string of mostly NBA posts. Not really planned it out that way, but that's the way it turned out. I've actually got a rare football post in the pipeline but I've been too busy to write it, even if it is going to be a one card post...

The 4th blaster was a bit of a letdown- 5 cards, 3 of which were duplicates...all of them duplicating a previous blaster. That's Press Pass for you.

The Almirola base, Vickers parallel and Baker insert are all exactly the same as blaster #1. The Danica insert was new, and shows a special paint scheme so that's cool at least. The highlight is the relic, again a tire but this time with some of the lettering from the sidewall. sorry for the crappy picture.
It's got what looks like standard Scotch tape on it, but it doesn't hide the fact that you are getting a large chunk of yellow and some blue border to go along with the standard black rubber from tire pieces. It's probably not tape- but I can't think of what it might be. Perhaps a piece of window tear off that he ran over and it stuck itself to the tire? Doesn't really feel like that so I am just speculating. Yes, I do have a piece of window tear off in my collection.

I'm happy with it, no matter what it is!

I'm also a big fan of both Dillon brothers, they have a lot of talent, which is not really being shown by the sub-par equipment they are getting- but they will never go elsewhere, most likely, as they race for the family team. This is, I believe, only my third or fourth tire relic from the Truck series, also. I also like the low serial number. 

Hopefully the next box will give me more new cards!

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  1. Well the one good thing is that they were not all duplicates. Maybe the next box will be a lot more interesting.