Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Total Blaster 7 and 2 Year Blogoversary

I can't believe I forgot it, but yesterday, November 22nd, was the 2nd anniversary of my launching Cardboard History. It's been a great ride so far and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I almost missed it totally but when I was getting ready for bed, I decided to check Facebook- something I rarely do anymore, since it devolved into nothing but political whining- and in my memories was the post I made announcing the launch. I decided to get back up out of bed and open up a pack from my stash of unopened packs...some of which have been sitting in there since before I launched the blog, in fact. I selected a pack of 2008-09 Upper Deck First Edition, a pack I got out of a repack sometime in 2014.

Thank you to all my readers- and especially to my commenters- for making the blog somewhat of a success. For a blog that really doesn't do a lot of baseball, I get more views than I would have expected, averaging about 100 per post. My most popular post, since it got linked to Uni-Watch, is over 700 now. As somebody who's OCD about numbers that makes me pretty happy, I have to be honest.

Today was also time for the 7th blaster of 2014 Total Memorabilia, and it was not a good one.
Kyle Busch base and Danica parallel are both new...the rest are all duplicates, including the relic. Knowing Press Pass it doesn't surprise me that I got two copies of the same relic in two out of the last three boxes, but it's still a disappointment. And since it's serially numbered, my OCD doesn't allow me to trade it for anything else, like say a relic I don't have. The Truex and Petty (my third copy of the Truex, I believe) are available for trade, as they are both duplicates...and with 13 blasters to go, with the way it's going, I'll see them again.

The 2008-09 First Edition pack, which I actually opened yesterday but am posting below the Total Memorabilia box, was much better, as all 10 cards were new to my collection. Four of the 10 came out of the pack damaged, with the first card, Caron Butler, being pretty badly bent, but as I've always said, I'd rather have a damaged card than none at all. Considering I mostly have to get retail these days, I'm getting pretty used to getting damaged cards.

Since it's something I did special for the anniversary, here are all 10 cards, in numerical order, just for the heck of it.
 Davis is no longer in the NBA.
 I remember, when I was first getting back into the NBA, the Warriors traded Ellis to Milwaukee and the fans booed like crazy- Ellis was a fan favorite in Oakland- the reaction was so bad it played a role in Chris Mullin leaving the team- but it was done with the future in mind, to make room for Stephen Curry, 2x reigning MVP and a threat to go three-in-a-row. Ellis is now with the Pacers.
 When Farmar came into the League, he was one of only two Jewish players then in the NBA. I don't remember the other though. Amare Stoudemire converted during his career and now lives in Israel. Farmar is still on the fringes of the NBA, playing with the Kings briefly this season.
 Mo Williams has retired and unretired three times in the past month. I'm not sure if he is retired now or just out injured, he is currently with the Cavaliers. I think.
 Michael Finley was always a favorite player of mine. He's currently retired.
 The first card out of the pack, you can see the bend in the top left corner. Those two grayish lines are the bend. I'm not sure if Butler is still in the NBA or not.
 I like sets of retired players, I don't like it as much when they are shoehorned into normal sets. I remember seeing Dumars play.
 Gallinari RC. Currently a starter on the Nuggets, he wears #8 because he was born on 8/8/1988.
Randy Foye here is a Gold parallel. I have opened 3 packs of this set and the first two gold parallels were pretty darn good- the first was Kevin Durant, the second was Shaquille O'Neal. Foye may not have that level of star power, but the card is not a duplicate so I'm still thrilled to have it. He's currently with the Nets and is working his way back from injury.

StarQuest Tracy McGrady. These StarQuest cards were one per pack and are mirror foil. I always liked McGrady- I have both home and road Magic jerseys I wear on occasion- but since he retired he's gone into that "complain about everyone younger than you" trap. Face the facts TMac- the Warriors have won a Championship, they will probably win another, and you never even got the Finals, ever. They ARE better than your teams no matter how many times you say they aren't and the championship rings they all wear leave little doubt as to which team would win if you faced them. I am still a fan but I have lost some respect in the past two years.

Thank you everyone for two excellent years, here's hoping there's lots more!


  1. Congratulations on making it to the two year mark!

    P.S. Thanks to you and this post, I can no longer say that I have never clicked on/read a NASCAR post:)

  2. Congrats on making that milestone! As someone who thoroughly enjoys NASCAR content, you're pretty much the only act in town and you certainly do the material justice. Here's to many more years of excellent content.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for providing a good read and a love of cards. I may not collect the cards you show but they are always interesting to look at.

  4. Happy Two! Thanks for your perspective!

  5. Two years!! WooHoo! I didn't know Amare moved to Israel. And that is so cool about Gallinari....8/8/88

  6. Thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!