Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Looking at...you guessed it...Some random Non-Sports cards!

The non-sports section of this mini-series is perhaps the most random of all. I really enjoy non-sports cards, but they are harder to come by. Most of what I have set aside to scan after everything else is done (or when I need to kill some time, which this was essentially) 50% NBA, 30% hockey, and 10% split evenly between NASCAR, Non-Sports and Football and baseball. This box did not contain any NASCAR.

Non-sport is also, naturally, the least covered in this little side projects, but here's what came out of the box.
 O-Pee-Chee Gremlins. I don't think I've ever actually seen the movie all the way through, I'm not a movie person. But I agree with the sentiment, I hate 3D comics.
 1992 Pacific The Story of WWII. I bought a whole box of these on Ebay, but it's only a 110 card set. You can't really cover World War II in a 110 card set, especially when the last 20 are propaganda and posters like this one. It's a disappointing set.
 1994 Ultra X-Men. I'm a DC fan (or at least I was) but Marvel has always had better cards.
2004 Upper Deck History of the United States. I bought a factory set of this release, and it's an OK set, but it could have been so much more. I thought I had scanned all of them, but then I realized I missed about 20 cards, so I mixed them into my stash of cards waiting to be scanned. I'm not totally convinced that I didn't scan them and then accidentally delete them before I uploaded them or moved them to the proper folder, but I can make better scans now so I guess it all works out..
 I opened a bunch of these from the Ultra version, but when this Fleer version popped up in my local dealer's boxes, I got it. If I recall correctly, the Ultra version was hobby and the Fleer version retail. The movie- Batman Forever- was terrible, but DC has not done a good movie in my life time so that's no surprise.
 Remember the Dinosaurs TV show? I barely do. I have most of the cards though. Even though the number is showing on this side, it's the front of the card. All the cards in the insert have the same back. I have no intention of poking out the puzzle pieces, even though I have something like three copies of this card.
 I'm no fan of Disney but back in the day they had good cartoons. Donald Duck's spazz attacks always made me laugh. Why is it that no cartoon anthropomorphic animals wear pants? Except for Minnie Mouse who wears pants but no shirt?
 All three of the original Star Wars sets got at least one card scanned. This is the rare third series for Empire Strikes Back. Not actually rare, but rare in my collection.
 I loved the Tick cartoon, and the video game on Super Nintendo.
 Bought this for my vehicle collection.
 One movie series I do like is the Jurassic Park series. Jurassic World, which just came out, is the best of the bunch, in my opinion.
 The Pro Set Super Stars cards was actually a really interesting set concept but had no real follow through. It included many different kinds of music over multiple different generations, and I got all of these in trade...I can't remember for sure but I think I may have traded these off Angus of Dawg Day Cards.
 Wow, seeing this scan of this Return of the Jedi card makes me think I should rescan it on scanner #4, because there are way too many lines across it from scanner #3.
 One of these years I will finish the original Star Wars series. Maybe.
 Star Wars Galaxy ran 7 series from 1993 to 2012. This is series 3 I think. I don't care too much about which series the cards came from so I don't remember.
X-Men movie card, from the first movie. I really enjoy the series. I have not seen this original movie in quite a while but I have it on DVD so I should pull it out. During the NBA season that isn't too likely but maybe next offseason.

Thanks for reading. This series was a lot of fun for me to do, even if it doesn't seem too popular, so don't be too surprised if I do it again in a few months, the next time I finish filling up the plastic cases.


  1. I'd like to see more of the History set; and that Harley looks like a slightly souped up bicycle.

    1. Well, about 280 of the 300 have been on Fotki since 2011

  2. I think cartoon animals wearing some clothes and not other clothes is a design thing. The artists/animators need enough clothing to anthropomorphize the character, but need to retain some animal features (like Donald's feathered tail and duck legs). There are some videos going around Youtube of real chickens wearing little pants, and the pants really obscure the features that make a chicken recognizable. That's my off the cuff take on it.

    1. Chickens wearing pants? This I gotta see! But I have to wonder, why in the world does that even exist?

  3. Cool Dinosaurs card. I loved that show growing up. Never knew they made cards.

    "Not the momma"

    1. I've got some available if you want them...just say the word :)