Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Total Blaster 9- the best one yet!

Yesterday was going quite well, until right before bed...I was having a small peanut butter snack before bed, and there was some foreign object in it, and it broke one of my teeth. First time I've ever had anything like that happen...not really looking forward to the dentist visit that will surely come from this. (I really just need him to file down the sharp part, I could do that myself probably, but...I won't). We'll be giving the what-for to Atkins as well for having some foreign object in the peanut butter bar.

Today's Total Memorabilia blaster is almost the halfway mark...and it turned out to be the best one yet.
All 5 cards were new!
 Daniel Suarez is an up-and-coming driver who won this year's Busch championship...becoming the first driver from outside the US to win a major NASCAR championship. Suarez hails from Monterrey, Mexico.
David Ragan is the red parallel. I have a knack for pulling Ragan cards from blasters. For several years every single one I bought included a card of him.
Kyle Busch Acceleration is new, one of the 4 I needed on the set.
Dale Inman Hall of Fame Placque is a good one, the all-time winningest crew chief in NASCAR history- 193 race wins and 8 Championships. To put it in perspective, in NASCAR's 68 year history, only one other crew chief has cleared even the 100 win mark. 
Tire relic is Jeff Gordon! Jeff has always been a favorite of mine, and this is the first solo relic of his I've ever pulled! It's not the best card of his I've pulled- I pulled a printing plate from 2006 Legends- but this is by far the best relic I've pulled from this Blaster project...and there's still 11 more to go! I did pull a dual car cover with him and Jimmie Johnson several years back as well. Jeff is the winningest driver in my lifetime, with 94 wins, which also ranks him third all time. The first lap of NASCAR I ever saw was the first he led in his career.

I actually have one the multi-relics of Jeff from this set that I purchased as a single a year or two ago.
 As you can sort of see, the dual relics are gold foil. The triple relics are blue foil, I don't know what color foil the quad relics have.


  1. Wow! Impressive blaster box. And you can forget about using the dremel to fix your tooth....LOL

    1. All those warnings not to made me want to do it more!