Thursday, May 4, 2017

30 Day Challenge 30: Favorite card in collection

This has been really fun. I have not posted the challenge image since Day 1 so here it is again to refresh your memory:
Some were harder than others, some very easy that didn't require any mental debate or a second thought.

But day 30 is the hardest. Favorite card in collection? How do I pick that? I have so many cards, 99% of them that I really like...I wouldn't collect them if I didn't love the concept of trading cards.

So in the end...a bit of a cop-out.
No, that's not ALL of my collection....but it is most of it. (the brown boxes in the front are part of my 1/64 NASCAR diecast collection). I can't pick just one. So I went with all of them. The ones with the long side of the box facing the camera are the ones waiting to be scanned, also. I still have a lot ahead of me but as you can see, I've got more done than waiting to do. I still don't expect to finish until 2021 or so. But I'm the world's worst estimator so probably closer to 2025.

Thanks for reading the 30 Day Challenge, it's been fun!


  1. I copped out too with this one - I totally understand. How can we collectors be expected to pick just one card?

  2. Kind of like picking a favorite child when you have many kids.....impossible to do!

  3. Congrats on completing the challenge!