Thursday, May 25, 2017

Surprise to the Maxx!

I got a large package in the mail today, and I was not expecting it. I get mail fairly regularly from the people who sent it to me as part of another hobby, but I wasn't expecting anything now...

but this showed up!

An uncut sheet of 1995 Maxx Series II hobby! WOW! Despite the fact that I've been collecting for 29 years now this is only my second uncut sheet, but this is the first one that is traditionally thought of when it comes to uncut sheets, as the first one I had was all one card. How awesome is this? I couldn't save this one for a Kindness of Strangers post as it came to me from friends I actually know in person.

And if you look close....

it's signed by Terry Labonte! My mom's all-time favorite driver, this is the first auto of Terry in my collection!

Thank you my friends!