Tuesday, May 9, 2017

April 2017 Trade Recap

April started out with a bang as on the very first day of the month I received a package from Trading Card Database member Mitch which completed 4 sets!
Those sets were: 1991-92 Fleer (a 400 card set), 1992-93 Ultra, which I ranked as #17 on my list of Top 20 favorite sets of all time (over 650 different sets), 1993-94 Upper Deck Special Edition and 1997 Press Pass NCAA, a rare occurrence for me to complete a college set. There were some other rare sets included as well- 2001-02 Topps Heritage, 1999-00 Finest, 1998-99 Hardcourt in particular. For Heritage and Finest, I had not added a new card since 2003, and Hardcourt since 2015...which doesn't sound like a long time ago, except that I have less than half the set, and before I got those two, I hadn't added to it since 2002.
In the trade, I also got 2013-14 Hoops and 1994 Skybox USA down to one card each left to chase.
He also surprised me with some cards I wasn't expecting, including a batch of 1996-97 Finest (my favorite Finest set), a couple of autographs and two Elton inserts I needed!
1991-92 Fleer #330

1992-93 Ultra #271
This is a big deal as Ultra has always been my favorite brand, and this is the first Ultra release I've actually completed! Ultra ran in the NBA from 1992-93 through 2004-05, and then came back in 2006-07 and 2007-08. 1996-97 Ultra is my all-time favorite NBA set.
1993-94 Upper Deck Special Edition #131

1997 Press Pass #4
 Here's an example of 1994 Skybox USA. I was short 16 cards, and he sent me 15 of them! I am now just one Shaq short of a complete set.
Here are the two Eltons I needed.

Here are two autographs, neither of which I expected!

I don't really chase IP/TTM autographs but I will certainly accept them when they are given to me. It's my first auto of hometown hero Hilton Armstrong, and my second of Smits, who is sort of an adopted hometown hero.

There were other great cards in there too, but that should give you a good idea of how great this package was.

I pulled off a small three card for three card trade with CKBeber329 who is a new member. He got three football cards from me, which I don't have a whole lot to offer, and sent two cards from 1995-96 Flair and one from 1998-99 Topps. While I usually show 1995-96 whenever I get them I decided to show the 1998-99 Topps instead. Mostly because the Flair cards are a bit of a challenge to scan and I didn't feel like messing with them.
 I have most of Malik Sealy's cards already so getting one is always a good thing. He was killed by a drunk driver during the 1999-00 season.

I pulled off another trade with Shawn Norris, who has a bit of a reputation but has always done right by me, we've traded 4 or 5 times, weather using his own account or his girlfriend Megan's PC account. In fact he usually gets his end to me before I even get my end shipped. This time it was mostly Marvel with a little bit of DC.
 Got three from the 1991 DC set, which I could swear I had completed when it was new. But since I can't find them, I consider each one I get now as new.
 2 from the 1992 Punisher War Journal set, which I didn't have any of before.
 1994 Marvel Masterpieces, a set I had several of before, but added I think 6 cards to here. I'm typing this up later and don't remember the exact number.
 1996 Fleer X-Men, a new set for me. I got two of these as well.
 1997 X-Men, only card I got here but I did have several previously, about 4 or 5.

I've already pulled off a trade in May and have another from Shawn in progress, so it's nice to know that I will be able to post a trade recap again soon. 


  1. Cool cards. Hilton Armstrong is playing over in Japan at the moment.

    1. I pulled his card from my first pack of the BBM set actually!

  2. I remember watching Hilton Armstrong play when he was at Uconn. They were an NBA factory there for a while.

    1. The cool thing is that some of my friends were attending at the same time. I've never asked if they knew him though.