Monday, May 29, 2017

NASCAR Special Paint Scheme Project: 2001 Ken Schrader Flag car

Tonight, I watch my first ever Stanley Cup finals game...the Nashville Predators are who I want to win, but the terrible thing is that no matter what, there are at most only 7 games left of the season, and probably less.
While I'm watching the game, I'll post this NASCAR themed post in my highly unpopular series looking at special paint schemes to celebrate my 25th year as a NASCAR fan.

Today, considering it's Memorial Day, a patriotic scheme is in order. Run only once, the first race after September 11th, is this flag scheme run by Ken Schrader. His sponsor, M&Ms, removed all their logos from the car so it would just be the flag. He finished 18th, two laps down, in this car's only start.

Today is also his birthday. He was born in 1955.

This card, 2002 Wheels High Gear #52, also shows the normal paint scheme.


  1. Interesting how most, but not all, of the sponsors were left off the car... but I think there are some that are required by NASCAR to be on every car because they're "The official dental floss of NASCAR" or whatever.

    I commend you on writing what you want to write, even if it's "highly unpopular". As John Lennon once sang, "After all is said and done, you can't go pleasing everyone, so screw it".

    1. Yes- the contingincies do have a meaning. For instance the NASCAR logo, which is missing in this photo of the flag car, denotes that the car has passed inspection and is legal. The fact that it's not shown here means this photo was taken during opening practice as they didn't inspect before that back then. The Union 76 logo in front of the tire means they get the race fuel needed to run, etc.

      Thank you! I do these posts because I enjoy them, and the main concept of the blog is to get my thoughts/memories down on "paper" after all!