Tuesday, September 26, 2017


For some reason I really did not chase autographs on this round of COMC binging. I got a couple, sure, but I went more for SN and Triple Threat cards this time.

Besides the Jeff Gordon card I led off with, these are the autographs I picked up...at least the ones that didn't also come with a piece of something.

Also my first card of him!

I actually picked up this Be A Player card for something like 29 cents!
 My first card of Michael Sauer. Based on the 1996-97 NBA Autographics design.
 My first card of him, too.
 Hard to tell from the scan, but this is the Orange die cut version. Amazingly this is my third autograph of him, considering I didn't set out to chase them...In fact, I pulled one of them from a pack.


  1. I've sort of been doing what you do, bargain hunting on COMC for low-priced autos and relics. I just bought two hockey and two basketball for about $7 total. Perhaps I'll post about them tomorrow.

    A Bruce Driver auto for anywhere close to 29 cents is a steal. Nice pickup!

    1. What I like to do is sort by price lowest first and get as many as I can for a specific number I self impose (because I want to get a wide variety of things and need to spread it out). The BAP Driver was the cheapest auto on COMC at the time I bought it.

  2. I like that Sauer design. Upper Deck did a great job with their Fleer Retro product

    1. They sure did! Wish it was more than one year only set...and I wish they had the NBA license still.