Friday, September 15, 2017

Serially Numbered NBA Cards

While I'm new to chasing SN hockey cards on COMC, I've been chasing SN NBA and NASCAR cards for much so that I'm giving a post to each of them, rather than trying to jam them all together into one. You saw the NHL yesterday, here's the NBA. Want to guess what tomorrow brings?

 I've never shown an Obinna Ekezie or Galen Young card on Cardboard History before. Both were rookies in 1999-00, as shown on these Hardcourt parallels.
 A level 2 parallel from 1998-99 Hardcourt. The front of the card is wood.

My first eTopps NBA card

 These blue parallels from 2009-10 Bowman are dirt cheap for some unknown reason. They have a print run of 1948.

 I bought this expecting it to be my first card from the set, but Douglas from Sports Cards from the Dollar Store sent me a Dennis Rodman faster!
 Bought with the intent to be the first card from the set, but I got a LaMarcus Aldridge from Wes first instead.
Bought this to be my first card from the set, and it WAS! LOL
A little hard to tell but this is the red parallel. This is a stupid set. All the base cards are in black and white except the jersey, and the set was built around "buyback autographs"...which in the majority of cases are simply previously released autographed cards some Panini employee wrote a number on. The concept went over so badly Panini produced an exclusive Prizm parallel to send to people who bought this stuff. I didn't, but I have my project of getting every set into my collection. So I bought the cheapest one on COMC, and I would not be too surprised if I don't add any more any time soon. (Not that I would turn them down if somebody wanted to give them to me, mind you)

 I don't have many refractors from the 1997-98 set, so I decided to add another.
Love the green. I now have at least one card from all three parallels. The Quadruple Diamond was limited to 150 copies, and this is SN145/150.


  1. Cool cards! The Oden and Baker caught my eye, and I'm always a fan of the low-#d Immaculate base cards. Those '48-style Bowman cards are some of my faves as well. Rasheed in particular looks great with that design. I have a Durant blue and a Tony Parker black (#d/48) from that set; it cost me a few bucks on COMC but it's one of my favorite basketball cards.

    1. I have not seen the black border yet. Goes great with the Spurs colors too