Sunday, December 31, 2017

In Memoriam 2017

Every year I post a tribute to the people who pass away during the year that appear in my collection. Again, I have cards of some people who we have lost but have not scanned them yet.
The NBA was particularly hard hit this year, again.

Ted Christopher 1958-2017
Dave Creighton 1930-2017

Barry Dodson 1953-2017

Darryl Edestrand 1945-2017. I just got this card December 19th.

Bill Ellis 1933-2017

Bob Glidden 1944-2017

Dick Gordon 1929-2017
Dallas Green 1934-2017

Frank Hamblin 1941-2017

Pete Hamilton 1942-2017

Connie Hawkins 1942-2017

Bruce Hill 1942-2017. I actually talked with him on Facebook once.

Steven Holcomb 1980-2017
Darrall Imhoff 1938-2017

George Irvine 1948-2017

Steve "Snapper" Jones 1942-2017. This was the first ABA card I ever got.

Toby Kimball 1942-2017

Jim McDaniels 1948-2017

Fab Melo 1990-2017

Bud Moore 1925-2017. He stormed the beaches on D-Day and received several Purple Hearts.

Paul "L'il Bud" Moore 1941-2017. The two Moores are not related.

Justin Reed 1982-2017

Kenny Sears 1933-2017

Charles Shackleford 1966-2017

Mark Smith 1954-2017

Dave Stallworth 1941-2017. He had a heart attack during his career and played afterwords!

Skeeter Swift 1946-2017

Roland Taylor 1946-2017

Robert Yates 1943-2017
Later today I will post my top 12 cards of the year.


  1. It is really nice that you do this In Memoriam page, but it always makes me so sad to see who is gone. Some of these guys were so young, too.

  2. thank you for posting the great Skeeter Swift tribute one of my favorites from the ABA in Pittsburgh

    1. I'm sorry to have to. The NBA even missed him in their tribute last night.

  3. I found out that Luther Rackley had passed away in November but was not included on my source. He played for the Cincinnati Royals and Cleveland Cavaliers.