Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Another Random Scan Post

Just like last time. Written the same day, posted...whenever. Let's see what else I've been scanning.
 1995-96 Stadium Club. The holofoil scans really blue. This is the first set to have a pronunciation guide that I have seen, chronologically. Guy Hebert is a semi-local guy.

 2000-01 SPx. For some reason I never really liked the 2000-01 designs.
 I actually have to look up what year this Score insert goes to. I think 1993-94
 An insert from this year's Revolution, which I traded with AirPete for.
 Random Rangers Card, from Chris/The Collector.
 1997-98 Finest
 2012-13 Score, my 2nd favorite NHL set, after only 1990-91 Pro Set.
 1996-97 Upper Deck. I don't think I've seen any footage of this uniform in action. It's kind of cool, but slightly jarring seeing the Canucks in red. These are easier to read in scans than in hand.
 1989-90 O-Pee-Chee. My copy is a little scratched up.
2018-19 Upper Deck UD Canvas. My first Sabres card of Skinner. I hope he resigns in Buffalo, and keeps up how he started the year. Pulled this one from a pack.


  1. I like how colorful the Vanguard Lindros card is. Not sure if I have ever seen that set before.

    1. It scanned pretty well for a mirror foil, too!

  2. Ooh, I really like that Oscar! A different image, and a neat design... I predict that I will own that card at some point :)

  3. Hello, I noticed through another site that you have a particular card that I am interested in acquiring. If you one day wish to sell your 2014-15 flawless finishes of Jo Jo White, please do consider selling or trading it to me.
    Thanks for your time.


    1. Hi Amar, thanks for the message. I'm not sure what site you saw that on because I don't actually have that card, but I would like to.