Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Sets and People from COMC's Black Friday Sale

 With the publication of this post, I finally reach the end of my COMC Black Friday posts. The next four posts will probably be all hockey, in that I have that many written, but who knows if I will get distracted by something else before I can get them all posted? (lol) I wrote this post up before Christmas, after all!

Yes, new sets. Even though I celebrated knocking out all the main sets back in June, there was one each for NBA and NASCAR that eluded me. The NBA set is too expensive - so you won't see that here- but I have been able to get the final NASCAR set I needed! In retrospect, I probably should have waited until next year, as 2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of me becoming a NASCAR fan, but I saw my opportunity...and I took it! There are also some oddball sets I was able to add, and there's always plenty more non-sport sets.
1996 Maxx Premier Series Superlatives #SL4. Maxx Premier Series was a set issued only through Club Maxx between 1994-96. I have the entire 1994 set, I have the promo card from 1995, but 1996 eluded me. It appears to be the rarest of the three, and when I was hunting the missing sets in June there were none available for sale on COMC. This time there were, and I know I overpaid for this card- but I don't care. I now have every single NASCAR set ever issued represented in my collection, and it was worth it! The 1996 set is the only Maxx Premier Series to have an insert set, also. Maxx would go out of business in mid-1996 so it was the end of the brand. A shame, Maxx was always my favorite company.

1965 Donruss Spec Sheet #63. This is a set composed half of race cars and half of customs. This is, of course, one of the latter. It's got some gum or wax stains right over the truck's roof, but I'm happy to have it. I'm slowly getting some of the non-racing sets I've wanted for a while into my collection.

1991-92 Skybox Mini...these were a food promotion of some sort in Canada in 1992. I had no idea they existed until last year...maybe earlier this year. They were single wrapped in clear cellophane. A pain to handle...the card is exactly 1/4th the size of a standard card, it's already slipped out of my hand and gotten a corner ding....I chose this one because Coleman is the only Net in the set. You'll see it again on Nothing But Nets, or, depending on how fast I am posting these posts I'm writing up, you've already seen it on Nothing But Nets.

2000 Upper Deck NBA Legends The Master Collection. This was the first super-super-premium box they did, I think. Base cards are SN to only 200 copies (on the back) and the base set is only 18 cards. Each box guaranteed you an autograph or relic, probably both, I don't remember. The boxes sold for about $2000 so it was well off my radar. In fact, I had even forgotten about this set, but I decided to just page through COMC and there it was. I chose the cheapest card available, as is how I usually do things. Everybody in the set is a Hall of Famer so you can't go wrong.

I also got a JetBlue Clippers promo set, but you'll have to read my New Eltons post to see that one.

Now, the new people. There's still tons of people I don't have represented in my collection, so I thought I would see if I could pick up any of them, and of course, I did.
 John Baum is a One-Hit-Wonder, the only card he ever got.
 Tom "Trooper" Washington is not a one-hit wonder, getting three cards, but this is my first. I picked up 4 of the Nets from 1972-73 Topps because I realized I didn't have ANY of them previously!
 Zendon Hamilton is a one-hit-wonder. He has college cards but they don't count. I think this is the first time ever 2003-04 UD Legends has appeared on a blog. First time I've shown it or seen it anyway.
 Mike Hall is, you guessed it, a one-hit-wonder.
 Bob Elliott is a one-hit-wonder. There are actually more than you may think who have only one card issued and it's an autograph. Someday I'll make a chart/post about exactly who. Someday....
Patric Young is NOT a one-hit-wonder, but I didn't pull any of his cards from 2014-15, so I found this very shiny Prizm parallel. I do have a stash of packs from this set waiting to be opened, but this was a hobby only parallel so I don't have to worry about pulling a duplicate. Scans do not do this card justice!

Taylor Griffin is the older brother of Clippers superstar Blake Griffin. He has not found the same success as Blake has, but he is now represented in my collection. I believe this is also the only card in my collection SN to 265, and odd number, but the entire Timeless Threads parallel from 2009-10 Classics is numbered to 265.

Last is David Young. He was a rookie with the Sonics in 2004-05, and I got his Upper Deck Sweet Shot rookie card...which is a shadowbox. I had to use my crappy almost dead scanner to get this one because of it's shadowbox nature, so the scan isn't as good. But at least I was able to get a scan at all.

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  1. I never knew Blake Griffin had an older brother in the league!