Friday, January 13, 2017

Sets I completed in 2016

2016 was a very good year for completing sets. It's the year I really dove into COMC for the first time, and that pretty much is the main reason for it, although I did complete a few in more traditional ways- opening packs/boxes or trading. (I completed three sets on Christmas, for example)... Instead of doing all the work of posting images, I'm just going to link to them on the Database. That way you can see the entire gallery, instead of just the last card I needed. Also, I didn't scan them all yet, so this makes my life easier.

My records show that I completed a whopping 47 sets in 2016- by far my new personal record, totally obliterating my old record for a year, which was 23 sets in 2004. Of those 47, I completed 19 via COMC, I traded to complete 8 of them- and 7 I received as gifts from other bloggers! All those numbers are records, I think- I was able to pull off more trades back in the day so I may have topped that in 2003 or 2004, those records are lost to history. But I highly doubt it!

Here's a list of the sets I completed in 2016: (with size of set and how I completed it)
  1. 1991 Collect-A-Card Vette Set, 100 cards, trade
  2. 1991-92 Hoops, 590 cards, trade
  3. 1996 Knight Quest, 45 cards, trade
  4. 1992-93 Fleer, 444 cards, trade
  5. 1993-94 Topps, 396 cards, trade
  6. 2010 Empire Strikes Back 3Di, 48 cards, Sportlots
  7. 2013-14 Prestige, 200 cards, Facebook group
  8. 1993-94 Upper Deck, 510 cards, trade
  9. 1989-90 Fleer, 168 cards, local purchase
  10. 1990-91 Hoops, 440 cards, trade
  11. 2015-16 Hoops, 300 cards, ebay (but I later pulled a copy of the last card I needed from a repack, go figure)
  12. 2004-05 Topps Total, 440 cards, Sportlots
  13. 1995 Zenith, 83 cards, local purchase
  14. 1995 Traks Valvoline, 102 cards, local purchase
  15. 1997-98 Bowman's Best, 125 cards, COMC
  16. 1999-00 Bowman's Best, 133 cards, COMC
  17. 1987-88 Fleer, 132 cards, COMC
  18. 1988-89 Fleer, 132 cards, COMC
  19. 1995-96 Hoops, 400 cards, COMC
  20. 1993-94 Skybox, 341 cards, COMC 
  21. 2002-03 Topps, 220 cards, COMC
  22. 1992-93 Topps Archives, 150 cards, COMC
  23. 2002-03 Topps Chrome, 175 cards, COMC
  24. 1994-95 Topps Embossed, 121 cards, COMC
  25. 2010 Legends, 80 cards, COMC
  26. 1994 Maxx, 340 Cards, COMC (Largest NASCAR set ever)
  27. 1993 Maxx Premier Plus, 215 cards, COMC
  28. 2010 Premium, 100 cards, COMC
  29. 1997 Press Pass ActionVision, 12 cards, COMC
  30. 2002 Stealth, 72 cards, COMC
  31. 2010 Stealth, 90 cards, COMC
  32. 2005 VIP, 90 cards, COMC
  33. 2005 Wheels High Gear, 90 cards, COMC
  34. 2011 Element, 100 cards, gift from a non-blogging collector
  35. 1991 Impel US Olympic Hall of Fame, 90 cards, box
  36. 2016 Panini Prizm, 100 cards, box
  37. 1993 Olivia II, 72 cards, gift
  38. 1994 Olivia 3, 90 cards, gift
  39. 1994 Best of Olivia All-Chromium, 90 cards, gift
  40. 1996 Olivia in Omni-Chrome, 90 cards,  gift
  41. 1996 Hot Shots 5, 100 cards, gift 
  42. 2016 Topps US Olympic & Paralympic Team Hopefuls, 74 cards, Christmas box
  43. 2016-17 Hoops, 300 cards, Christmas box
  44. 2016-17 Donruss, 200 cards, Christmas box
  45. 1994 Action Packed The Champion & The Challenger, 42 cards, gift
  46. 1991 Carms Formula 1, 105 cards, gift
  47. 1991-92 Skybox, 659 cards, trade (largest set in NBA history)
You'll need to be logged in to see all of them though, as some feature full nudity. 

Of the 47 sets, 11 of them were not present in my collection when 2016 began- including the 4 that were issued in 2016. 

Something that I just realized while typing this up is that I completed both of my sports' largest sets in the same year, which is pretty cool. 

The sets are in order of completion, by the way, except for the COMC sets, which got jumbled. I completed my first set of 2016 on January 13th- one year ago today- and completed my last on December 31st, the first time I've ever completed a set on the last day of the year- with the asterisk that I don't have that information on several dozen sets.

In an unusual bit of parity, my NBA and NASCAR completed sets are even at 83 a piece. This is despite the fact that the NBA takes up much more of my collecting focus, the NASCAR sets are generally smaller so are easier to complete.

I also completed my secondary goal of the year today. It took a lot longer than I expected it to- I made a couple of major blunders- but my paper charts are accurate again, or at least I think they are. I have some doubts. But that's a post for another day. 


  1. Wow...a full twice as many sets this year than 12 years ago. Awesome!

  2. Again, more curiosity on my part. How do you qualify the sets? I notice that the Estrellas NBA set, and the racing one that were part of your contest prize are not included. Do you have a set size minimum that needs to be reached?

    1. For box sets it has to top 100 cards, or be available in single packs as well. I will occasionally include sets that don't meet those criteria if they are exceptionally hard to find or if I'm not totally sure on distribution.

    2. I figured it must be something like that.

  3. Replies
    1. I think so too. 2015 and 2016 were both great years, a lot of which is due to the kindness of the blogosphere.

  4. The Skybox set is an accomplishment

    1. Indeed! The funny thing is that I didn't even realize I had completed it...I knew I was only missing a few cards but I didn't realize I had gotten them all in trades in December.

  5. Nice. It is good when one set is completed, but a couple of dozen in one year. Way to go.

    RE: the Adult Content on the Database. One also needs to be a "subscriber" i.e. not just a freebee member like me. To view the Adult content. Something about Google ad site not being able to show adult images.

    1. Yes, I didn't realize how many it was until I typed them into my excel charts yesterday. I think you can get access by asking Admin, I am not 100% sure because I have had the access for so long I don't remember how I got it.