Thursday, January 12, 2017

Trade with Cards on Cards

Normally I corral all my trades during the month to a month-end trade recap, but this one is too big for that, so it's own post is, dare I make the pun, "in the cards"

Cards on Cards is a blog mostly about the St. Louis Cardinals, of which I have none to trade. He also collects Portland Trail Blazers, and them I have lots of. Well, I did...most of them have now been packaged up to send to him, except the ones clearly labeled on his wantlist page that he already had.

He sent me some Nets, some Eltons, and some cards off my want list. For starters, I'll begin with the new Elton Brand cards...

#488, 489 and 490 in my collection. While the Adrenalyn XL is new, I don't count the game cards as part of my collection. 500 in 2017 is looking very possible!

Now, here are some from my wantlist that came along. I really need to get in gear and post more to my wantlist- I've only typed up to and including 1994-95. I still have the rest of the NBA, all of NASCAR, and all of Non-Sports ahead of me. Like I said recently, it's not hard, it's just time consuming, and I've put more effort into scanning. It is a goal to get more up there though.

 Based on the purple border I think whoever planned this card at Topps didn't know that Loy Vaught is the guy in red...

 This is the card I wrote about in my December trade recap...which, even though I wrote first, is going to get published after this post, so it will make more sense then.
While this card shows the player in the Nets uniform, it's actually a Pacers card. But, most important, it's my first issue from the 2016-17 Panini Stickers set! I need to get my hands on more of these.

He used some baseball cards as padding- but I added them as part of my collection!

There are two more I didn't scan yet as well, both from 2016 Topps Heritage, my first two from the set.

Wondering where the Nets that I mentioned are? They are posted on Nothing But Nets, my team-specific blog :)

See the Nets!

Thanks for a great trade!


  1. I'm curious why you don't count the game cards as part of your collection?

    In my case, I count them because I look at them as being numbered, part of a checklist, and coming from packs where you can try to complete a set. They just have a common back for a game that I've never played. Then again, I've had friends tell me I'll collect anything that has the Browns on it.

    1. Just one of those odd things about me...They are classed with the stickers and foreign sets. Part of my collection But not counted or listed on my excel charts.

    2. I wonder if that will be similar to my question in today's post?