Saturday, January 7, 2017

What are the odds of that?

Back in 2007, my brother gave me a mini-box of Legends. Each overall box was broken into three mini-boxes. In that mini box, my relic was this Kasey Kahne Sunday Swatches card, the basic version SN 180/199. The scanner I was using when I scanned it cut off the bottom, I will have to rescan it at some point. I probably already did but lost it when the remote hard drive I was using crashed actually.
Flash forward to Christmas 2016. I got a box of the Dave & Adam's Hit Parade. The very first card out was a card that looked pretty similar- I though it was a duplicate at first until I got out my listing and saw that I had previously had the bronze foil version, while the new one was the silver foil version. What I didn't notice, however, was the serial number. Even though I wrote it down, as I always do, I didn't bother to look at the serial number for the version I already had.
The new silver one is SN 80/99! What are the odds that, 9 years later and not purchased as a single, I would pull the SN80 of the silver version to go along with the SN180 of the bronze version I got when the set was new? I think the odds on that are pretty astronomical.

There's also a gold version, but those are only numbered to 50, so this couldn't be repeated with the final version I don't have. I may have to look for that one to complete the rainbow all the same.


  1. For the gold version, I'd say the next number in your rainbow would have to be 8.

  2. I considered that...but finding an exact serial number as a single, I think, would be next to impossible...would be great to find though...

  3. That is insane how it worked out, too bad there won't be an #8/9 gold version.

    1. Yeah, maybe I can hunt down the 8/50...

  4. That is pretty insane! Nice cards. Good luck with the Gold!

  5. You have to love coincidences like that. Fun stuff and great cards.

  6. Wow it was your density. (BTTF ref)