Sunday, February 16, 2020

Updating the Pack Pulled Parallel Project

Way back in 2018, I wrote a post about my quest to have at least one card from every pack issued parallel in NASCAR history...but since then, it's stalled out. I either haven't gotten any new parallels, or they were for sets I already had...but I had a bunch waiting for me when I finally shipped my COMC purchase, and here they are, in chronological order of release.
 1995 Traks 5th Anniversary Red
 1995 VIP Cool Blue
 1996 Traks Red
 1996 Viper First Strike
 2000 Wheels High Gear MPH (SN on back)
 2003 Trackside Golden. 2003 Trackside is the only set from that year I didn't open a hobby box of.
2008 Legends Bronze
 2008 Legends Gold
 2009 Showcase 2nd Gear
 2010 Eclipse Gold
 2010 Showcase 2nd Gear
2010 Showcase 3rd Gear

Not bad, 12 new parallels that had not been in my collection previously. The Dale Jr. Select Prizm I showed in the Favorites post was listed as being from a set I lacked, but I believe I picked up one of those Select Prizms at a card show back in the February or March, so it's possible I did even better.

I also converted the list of what I needed to a Page, easily found on the top of Cardboard History, so I don't have to go through all my old posts trying to find it.

I still have to type in the parallels from the late 2018 and all the 2019 sets but I will get to that in due time. I need most of them but there's only a handful of NASCAR sets each year so it won't take too long- I just have other things I need to accomplish right now.

I was planning on scheduling this for noon of the Daytona 500 day, but I forgot. The lengthy rain delays are a good time to get this posted!


  1. Oh cool, neat project. Sat down to watch the 500 today, but looks like I’ll try it again tomorrow.

  2. I really like the cards for Tim Richmond and Louise Smith. It's great that she had cards.

    1. It's funny, I missed that set totally. I only got cards from it via COMC.

  3. Very cool project. Once upon a time, I considered tracking down one "refractor" from each Finest and Chrome baseball product, but I never took it too seriously, because adding a 1993 Finest refractor was going to be too much of a challenge. Then a few years ago, I added the Gwynn to my collection. Hmmm... maybe I should restart this project.

    1. You should go for it! Refractors are favorite parallel concept in cardboard history! (pun intended)