Saturday, July 1, 2017

Big Fun Prize

A few days ago I took part in Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown's Big Fun Game, and big thanks to Gavin for running it. He put some great prizes out there for people to claim...and didn't ask anything in return. The prizes were quite impressive too, for baseball fans. Of the 15 he gave out, probably a dozen of them had autographs and if not, they had other great stuff.

I decided to take part even though I am not really a baseball collector...though I do have more than 1000 baseball cards in my collection, I'm not a diehard fan like most in the blogosphere.

There was one prize I had to have, and luckily, he allowed "stealing" other people's prizes, because I went last...I had to steal it to get it.

It arrived today, July 1st...and here it is!
An actual autograph from former Major League Baseball player Wade Boggs! But for me, I am counting this as part of my Simpsons collection. I am a huge fan of the Simpsons, having seen every episode (not counting this past season) multiple times...FXX is the standard go to channel every weeknight when the NBA and NHL are not playing.

This is actually my first Simpsons OR baseball related autograph!

The episode this is based on, Homer at the Bat, is an earlier episode and I've seen it well into the triple digits.

This is just too cool!

It's even got a special Big Fun Game 1/1 stamp!

But wait, there's more!

Beach Boys cards! I've long been a fan of their music, but I found out in December of last year that they are actually distant cousins! Well, not Al Jardine. But Mike Love and the Wilson brothers are. Help me Rhonda was one of their first songs that I became familiar with so that card is perfect. The bottom two are actually Surfer parallels, to boot!

More Simpsons cards! Man, those tattoos have not aged well. They are turning brown. Also, Snowball 1 was white, not black. Continuity error!

These four Paul Molitor cards were used as padding for the Boggs auto, but they are all part of my collection now. I suspect they are dupes from his recent getting of Molitor over 100 cards.

And finally, two serially numbered NBA parallels!

The Salmons is mirror foil and die cut, the Hill is holofoil which generally scans as white. The Salmons is SN 200/299 on the back while Hill is 294/299 on the front, but hard to see.

Thanks so much Gavin, another great package from a great prize!


  1. Replies
    1. Never disappointed when I get mail from you!

  2. Congrats on snagging the Boggs auto!

  3. Awesome Simpsons card - one of their best episodes!

  4. Love the Wade Boggs card and I'm a long time fan of Molitor. Good on Gavin for holding the contest. This is great stuff. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks! For sure, Gavin put on a heck of a show with this one.